In the Masked Singer US, who was Ringmaster?

In the Masked Singer US, who was Ringmaster?

Ringmaster gave an incredible effort in this year''s US season 7finale. She was always standing ovation worthy. This year, she was able to make the final two final two, losing out on being crowned the winner of the season, coming in second place to Firefly.

Who was the dazzling voice beneath the Ringmaster costume?

Who was Ringmaster in The Masked Singer US?

Hayley Orrantia, who plays Erica on This is where we want to politely say we "told you so." If you recall, we initally theorized that Hayley was behind the mask based on clues and her voice. Too bad the judges didn''t have our insight.

The whole panel of judges guessed incorrectly. Robin Thicke thought the Ringmaster was Maren Morris, Jenny McCarthy thought she Hayden Panettiere, Ken Jeong guessed Hailee Steinfeld, and Nicole Scherzinger beleived she was correct naming Lucy Hale.

In The Masked Singer US, who is Ringmaster?Song selections...

During her first week on the show, Ringmaster wore out "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus.

Nicki Minaj directed "Super Bass," the second set of Ringmaster''s performances.

Dolly Parton''s "I Will Always Love You" was the final performance of Ringmaster on the group stage, which fans loved enough to vote through them.

Ringmaster wowed viewers with two excellent performances in the season finale. The first selection was "Gravity" by Sara Bareilles. The second song she chose was "Waking Up In Vegas." Katy Perry''s

In The Masked Singer US, who is Ringmaster?Show us clues...

The first clue presented during the Ringmasters premiere week on the series was a mug with a picture of Miley Cyrus on top of an outline image of Montana. This may indicate that Ringmaster has ties to the singer.

The second hint was a Tic-tac-toe board with an "x" placed in the middle. Not the most interesting clue to be used at the moment. Finally, the third hint was a bottle of "Sweet Southern." Again not the most powerful clue, but Ringmaster is likely to have roots in the south.

In Ringmaster''s second week, the clue was a guitar, with Ringmaster saying, "You should know that I''m a ''90s chick,'' but I''ve been singing for as long as I can remember."

The third round of clues for Ringmaster reveals a story of her career, depicting being surrounded by the best of the best, having attempted to participate in a group, but eventually made the choice to do something different, and now has reaping the rewards for the last ten years.

In the episode of "Roads to the Finals," a reporter briefly mentioned that Ringmaster had previously met Judge Nicole Scherzinger.

Ringmaster''s first clue for the week on the show was a sticker with a horse picture. The second clue was a photo of a cartoon mouse.

In the US, who is Ringmaster in "The Masked Singer"?Costume clues

Ringmaster''s costume is quite an elaborate one, with the bottom of it being designed to form like an entire circus tent. This has caused people to speculate it might be one of the cast members of the film, which focuses on showman P.T. Barnum who organized up performers to create his own dramatic circus.

With this in mind, we might be looking at some great names like Rebecca Ferguson or Zendaya, who were both the key characters in the 2017 film. Or may it be another person from the film?

Britney Spears might make another appearance, because she has an album called, and this might be a major comeback for the star after recently making headlines due to her conservatorship. Or, Dita Von Teese might be back on, as she loves elaborate and elegant costumes!

As long as we have more precise clues, it''s difficult to identify exactly who might be Ringmaster, so we''ll have to wait patiently for further clues to come.

In The Masked Singer US, who is Ringmaster?Verbal clues

From the very first note from Ringmasters mouth, we might tell you she is probably a professional singer. Wed venture to say she is in her 20s and perhaps prefers to sing country. Ringmaster certainly does sound pretty good.

In The Masked Singer US, who is Ringmaster?

There is no rogue claim about who Ringmaster is yet, but the actress Hayley Orrantia is quite adamant considering that Orrantia actually sang background vocals for Miley Cyrus on Disney''s soundtrack. That fact makes the mug hint in the clue package make absolutely sense. For the time being, we will stick with this concept.

Hayley Orrantia will be the Ringmaster of the United States! March 31, 2022

Some panelists are Sarah Hyland (Robin Thicke), Kacey Musgraves (Leslie Jordan) and Maren Morris.

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