As the winner is crowned, US fans react to the Masked Singer

As the winner is crowned, US fans react to the Masked Singer

The Prince, Ringmaster, and Firefly all made it to the final, making it a clean sweep for Team Good.

Although all US season 7 contestants were fantastic, there could only be one winner and the judges awarded Firefly, who was finally nabbed as singer-songwriter Teyana Taylor.

Teyana described the experience as an ''emotional journey'' in her interview, adding, "It feels so good to win this, and it''s crazy because I was so passionate from the first day, I think it''s because of my journey in music, and me being skeptical about coming out of retirement and doing it."

Teyana went on to say she gave her the opportunity to sing ''without politics or judgement'' and that she''sung her heart out.'' Throughout the course of the series, judges were praised for giving it her everything, who said they felt it''showed how much she wanted to be there.''

On #TheMaskedSinger, you can watch the full unmasked interview on Facebook. 19, 2022

Fans have penned a twitter memento to congratulate Teyana, who some believe she was a loyalist. After defeating Team Bad and Team Cuddly, she made it all the way to the end.

Congratulations!#TheMaskedSinger 19, 2022

Yesss Firefly deserves it, so happy she won #themaskedsinger May 19, 2022.

Firefly (Teyana Taylor) was going to win this season. She deserved it #TheMaskedSingerMay 19, 2022.

I adore the Ringmaster, but I am so pleased The Firefly won both of them @MaskedSingerFOX #TheMaskedSingerMay 19, 2022

Many fans interviewed who Firefly was weeks ago, with some saying they''d''know her voice anywhere.

"It feels amazing every time I step on stage," one of her audio clues said, "Ive been performing all my life," which referred to Teyana as the MTV series.

''''Haley Orrantia'' was named as the Ringmaster, while actor Cheyenne Jackson was named The Prince.

Hayley said in her departure that "when you join a series like this and you know you are competing against people, and a lot of them are professional singers, you never know where you''re going to land in that." "It''s been an honor to have the ability to lead the team in season 7."

Cheyenne Jackson said that "I''m super proud of what I did and how I pushed myself," but I''m also a bit disappointed because I had a killer conclusion song... thank you for loving The Prince. Thank you for watching."

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