Season 1 of Beyond the Edge: The next episode, recaps, cast, and everything we know about the new reality series

Season 1 of Beyond the Edge: The next episode, recaps, cast, and everything we know about the new re

In the new competition series, CBS once again pits celebrities against one another. Perhaps inspired by the success of, producers have created a new show where nine famous men have traded in their luxurious lifestyles for a while in the jungles of Panama. They''ll make this sacrifice with the hopes of winning money for their chosen charities.

One of the biggest concerns about the series is whether or not celebrities will be on it. Here''s what we know about.

When is the next Beyond the Edge episode?

Following a new episode ofSurvivor, Season 1 of Beyond the Edge will air on CBS Wednesday, May 18, at 9 pm ET/PT. It''ll be frustrating to watch as the stars duke it out in the season finale.

The next episode of "One More Adventure" has been titled.

Beyond the Edge season 1 cast

Start making your predictions about who will win in Season 1. Meet the cast of Season 1.

Lauren Alaina, an Army veteran and country music star, is the season''s new singer and model, along with former NFL coach Tony Abbott, Jodie Sweetin, and former NFL player and producer Sarah Nichols. She is also the latest addition to the cast of Super Bowl legend and Pro Football Hall of Famer Craig Morgan, who has added Metta World Peace (or Metta Sandiford-Artest, after he legally changed his name again in 2020); and actress Paulina Porizkova, including Super Bowl

With pro athletes, former reality television personalities and a newbie in Metta World Peace, it''s difficult for one to pick a favorite to win during the season.

Beyond the Edge season 1 host

Mauro Ranallo, a sports announcer and commentator, will be honored by viewers from and from Showtimes.

It is interesting to note that Ranallo is the first sports broadcaster in history to broadcast kickboxing, boxing, MMA, and pro wrestling on national television in the United States.

Beyond the Edge season 1 premise

Despite going in the jungle, producers have made it clear that this is not the case. CBS has outlined the program by saying:

Regardless of whether or not they will compete in a windstorm or heat, celebrities will make sure they have the right to survive gruesome rainstorms and wildflowers. Depending on where the player is, there will be no judges or eliminations. Rather, each celebrity must rely on its inner fortitude, physical ability, and courage to survive a wild. For each day they last, and every gruesome adventure challenge they win with their team, the celebrities will raise more money for their charities. At the

Beyond the Edge season 1 trailer

It''s difficult to guess which celebrities make it to the end, based on the season 1 trailer. There are a number of difficulties to be overcome.

One of the greatest celebrity adventure challenges EVER faced we are pushing limitations. The new reality series #BeyondTheEdge will be released on CBS on March 16th. 3, 2022.

Beyond the Edge recaps

Episode 1 of the British Empire

During the first challenge of the season, the contestants were divided into the Red Team led by Jodie Sweeten and the Blue Team led by Paulina Porizkova. From the beginning of this jungle obstacle course, it looked as if the Red Team would win owing to the amount of ease they had getting the items in their crate increased from point A to point B. (Although, Sweeten had a problem in the process).

Eboni K. Williams gave the Blue Team a boost with her kayaking skills with paddling. The only thing that tented them off was to choose a direct route to solve the puzzle, or to take a long-distance route, but gain a clue to piece it together.

Despite team leader Porizkova''s desire to take the clue, the team decided to take the direct route. A decision that cost them the challenge and the money they require for their respective charities.

Despite Williams'' desire to play a teammate in the competition and Metta World Peaces insisting he would leave his family until the end of the episode, no one calls the bell to go home.

Episode 2 of the Animated Book

Season 2 of Season 1 kicks off with celebrities admitting that sleeping in the jungle is difficult. Especially when it rains. Porizkova describes sleeping in about three inches of cold water, while Ray Lewis reminds viewers of the loud noises from animals (perhaps monkeys) they had to deal with at night.

The contestants split into three teams, led by Mike Singletary, Lauren Alaina, and Colton Underwood. Good thing Alaina chose Craig Morgan to be on her team because he was extremely determined to win this challenge. Despite Morgan''s determination and methodical planning of each obstacle course of the competition, Alaina''s team was hardly successful.

With Alaina currently leading two winning teams in the series, she is now on the top hand.

Unfortunately, as this week''s episode comes to a close, Metta World Peace determines his desire to see his family outweighs his desire to stay in the competition. He rings the bell and returns home despite the protest of his fellow contestants Singletary and Ray Lewis. Did anyone else feel Lewis was extremely dissatisfied with the decision?

Episode 3 of the Contingent

While talking to the cameras about Meta World Peaces'' removal from the jungle, Colton Underwood is bitten by a snake. After a quick medical examination, it determined the snake bite is not viral. After a night of sleep, or very little sleep in the case for most celebrities, Underwood appears to be in some pain during the days competition.

Following the announcement of this week challenge, the group splits into two teams of four. On her team are Ray Lewis, Jodie Sweeten, and Mike Singletary, who is on the other hand (the coach must be the nicest cast member on the show, he is always positive and motivating). Colton Underwood, Lauren Alaina, and Paulina Porizkova are among the players selected from the group.

It appears that Williams and his team have gotten off to a good start. However, Singeltary has a difficult time achieving one, putting the team further behind after Sweeten had to take a rough swim in the water. Morgan and his team were both just too far ahead and won the challenge.

With no going home this week, the question on everyone''s mind should be, is there any way to stop Lauren Alaina? She continues to lead the pack.

Season 4 of Leadership

Eboni K. Williams reaches out to Lauren Alaina before the start of the day of the challenges, declaring that she wanted to take on the country singers team given Alaina''s desire for victory.

Ray Lewis and coach Mike Singletary are on the lookout for Colton Underwood, Williams, and Alaina. (We should note that as the teams were being determined, Porizkova was just happy not to be chosen last.)

Alaina may have become insecure about how she would compete against other contestants, but the show frontrunner took charge of the Singeltarys team early, placing the squad ahead of Lewis and company. Then the competition gets close when everyone''s favorite coach drops out of the water and has to retrieve it. At this point, the Lewis team is likely to run away with this.

Alaina once again uses her passion for puzzles to benefit her team. Singletarys'' team wins because it was a joy for Williams, who has yet to be in the winners circle.

Several of the contestants appeared as if they wanted to give up and ring the bell this week. Shockingly, it appeared to be Lewis will be fired out of the competition for his children. But in the end, no one went home.

Episode 5 of the Act

Craig Morgan, Lauren Alaina, and Colton Underwood talk about their potential as the top three contestants, and today''s challenge will be a make-or-break for those stars at the bottom of the leader board. Again, only the top two contestants can compete in the final for the grand prize, and a player like Jodie Sweeten cant afford to lose another competition if she wants to.

The celebrities were divided into two teams prior to the day challenge. One team led by Alaina is Ray Lewis, Mike Singletary, and Eboni K. Williams. The other two teams are led by Sweeten, who includes Underwood, Morgan, and Paulina Porizkova. When the competition begins, Sweeten is able to lead her group to a substantial lead over the Alainas team. In the end, Alaina loses ground, leaving her no longer standing on the leader board

Then came a moment as no one predicted even a week ago. Alaina, the person who has made the most money, is determined to ring the bell. Unfortunately, the fall she took was more serious than she thought, as she tore a ligament in her foot and was advised by the doctor to return. Basically, she was forced to ring the bell.

Episode 6 of the Act

Before the challenge begins, Colton Underwood takes the lead of a stretching session for himself, including Paulina Porizkova and Jodie Sweeten. Eboni also leaves camp to see a dentist about her damaged crown (causing her to miss the competition for the day) and Coach Mike Singletary is set to commemorate his birthday with a win.

On the other hand, celebrities are divided into two teams. On the other side, Underwood, Porizkova, and Craig Morgan. It appears that Singeltary''s team has a clear choice. However, under Underwoods, his team fails to take the final clue, which resulted in their loss. Lewis'' team wins the $50,000 prize and massages.

Eboni is now ranked third in the leaderboard due to her lack of ability to compete. That ultimately would not matter much, as she discovered out that her tooth condition is worse than she thought due to a cavity and infection. She decides to turn the bell and return to work.

Episode 7 of the PAC

In the opening of the episode, Eboni K. Williams and Lauren Alaina both died due to health problems. In the first half, the well-being of the other celebrities is under a microscope. Jodie Sweeten believes she has an ear infection, and Paulina Porizkova is experiencing quite a lot of pain herself. This doesn''t sound good until the day challenge.

Host Mauro Ranallo meets up with celebrities and tells them they''ll need to split into teams of three for the days competition. Ray Lewis and Colton Underwood pair up, Craig Morgan and Mike Singeltary form a team, and the last pair consists of Sweeten and Porizkova.

Because of athleticism and his understanding of pop culture, Lewis and Underwood excel at winning the days challenge. Porizkova is still holding on the bottom of the bench.

Each of them gets to see a video message from their loved ones back home in a not-so-nice surprise. Sweeten discovers she has a bacterial infection in both ears. Despite the contestants feeling homesick, and some of them being in physical pain, no one decides to ring the bell.

Episode 8 of the Reveal

The first episode of the series has begun. Paulina Porizkova ringes the bell before the Lanterns meeting because she is experiencing too much difficulty to continue in the competition. Mike Singeltary and Colton Underwood have been named captains for the days challenge.

With Porizkova on the way, there are five contestants left, meaning one of the teams would have more people. Underwood chooses to be a couple with him and Ray Lewis, allowing him to crush Jodie Sweeten and Craig Morgan on his team. However, once Lewis shakes off the sting of the incident, he and Underwood recover from the loss. Due to Sweeten''s difficulties at the tower crossing point, the team develops.

As Underwood and Lewis progress to the final stages of the competition to decipher the phrase as a part of the puzzle aspect of the challenge, they choose to first get a clue to help them. That proved to be the right decision, as it ultimately guided them to victory for the day. Morgan is still in the top spot with $44,000.

No one else will not go home.

Episode 9 of the Manifesto

After a heart-breaking moment between Ray Lewis and Craig Morgan, and an equally touching moment between Mike Singeltary and Colton Underwood, the contestants meet up with host Mauro Ranallo in a plot twist. He declares that there will no team captains for the days challenge.

The individual will need to complete a course, and the faster they will run, the more money they can get for their organization. First place receives $30,000, second place receives $20,000, and the amount continues to decrease with fifth place winning $5,000. This is an important challenge for all contestants outside of Lewis and Underwood who have already established their positions in the final adventure.

Celebrities cross the course must go through the swamp, collect a ball from the snake pit, and blindly keep throwing that ball until they reach a specific goal. As each contestant progresses, many of them have hiccups. Jodie Sweeten has a problem with the puzzle, Morgan is troubled by his knee, and Singeltary loses a shoe to the swamp.

At the lantern ceremony, the results of the competition will be announced later, as follows: Lewis finishes first, Morgan second, Underwood third, and Singeltary fifth. With those results, Lewis sets ahead in the leader board, with Underwood and Morgan remaining. Feeling like her body has allowed her to do everything she can in the jungle, Sweeten rings the bell and goes home.

How to watch Beyond the Edge

The program will stream in the United States on the CBS television network, and it will be available for viewing on the CBS app and Paramount Plus.

CBS is also available via a tenth of live TV streaming services, including popular ones like FuboTV, Hulu, and YouTube TV. Paramount Plus also has a $9.99 per month plan.

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