FOC Pays tribute to Cullen Bunn On Sunday, July 3, 2022

FOC Pays tribute to Cullen Bunn On Sunday, July 3, 2022

This week''s comics product may need to be revised while demand falls, and new covers may be added. This is an attempt to sift through them all and find the most appropriate items.

What''''s FOC-ing this weekend?

The ComiXology Originals series 40 Seconds, directed by Jeremy Haun, is available for FOC. "A science fiction/fantasy adventure about a team of science explorers traveling through a series of alien gateways to answer a distress call a galaxy away. They find themselves navigating the universe through strange and beautiful landscapes only to be pursued by a vast, unstoppable and dangerous horde. Amazing truths lie at the final gate. If only they can do

"It''s been almost a decade since the humans were forced to leave Pandora," said Sherri L. Smith and Guilherme Balbi, who are now returning, with an armada of heavily armed stars! After years of peace, Jake Sully settled down with Neytiri and raised a family, thus the stakes for him are even higher than when he first went to war.

Christopher Golden, Tim Lebbon, and Peter Bergting are all organizing an OGN program, which "notes a long-ago Viking slaughter," but when strange things begin to happen, it seems the massacre may be far from over. When festival-goers discover themselves playing mysterious and ancient songs as if theypossessed, the revellers have to figure out what''s going on before the festival site''s deteriorating past comes back for blood.

The Pander Bros has released a new OGN, titled "The fugitive relationship continues between Karina, a day-walking vampire, and Nick, a nocturnal mortal. After discovering Karina''s latest victim has a terrible criminal secret, Nick''s moral line continues to be pushed to the limit. This hardcover graphic novella, enticed in a poetic verse, is adorned with crisp line art and a stunning digital watercolor.

"It''s a little mangled, it''s kind of jumbled," says the writer, who is supporting Rough & Tangle and Rouge & Tumble in the 2022 Annual! Six new heartwarming tales from unlikely pairs are revealed."

Guillem Marchgets a Vol 2 and a paperback of Vol 1. "This companion to the sold-out COVER GIRLS showcases his finest and most stunning artwork, including cover-ups, sketches, and process work, all commemorating the female form." It also features a delightfully spicy 20-page comic, which has been published in English for the first time ever, as well as his extensive Vampirella covers.

Mark Millar and Gigi Cavenago have opened a third volume. "We''ve met the American and British members of the Magic Order. Now it''s time to meet the ASIAN chapter, including a brilliant new major player in the upcoming live-action NETFLIX SHOW-SAMMY LIU. This issue will be a huge COLLECTOR''S ITEM," said the writer. "If the TV series actually happens, it''s time to get to know them."

J.L. Westover''s webcomics collection features painfully hilarious observations and cringeworthy situations, including brand-new book-exclusive comics that can''t be found on the internet. "For Strange Planet, Adulthood is a myth: A "Sarah Scribbles" Collection, and Dinosaur Therapy! In his (incredibly sweaty) new book, J. L. WESTOVER examines painfully hilarious observations and reactions, unifying us all through one of life''s most relat

Peach Momoko has begun a new Demon Wars series for Marvel with #1. "Peach takes the Marvel Universe to another level with wondrous creatures: samurai armor, a mysterious panther person, and a red, snakelike monster with a deadly appetite." With 1:25, 1:50 and 1:100 tiered covers for FOC.

Dan Slott, Mark Bagley, and others have launched their #1. "The leading edge of the Spider-Verse has brought you Spider-Gwen and Peni Parker, who will soon introduce you to some of the most important characters in the Spider-Verse, but it will also cut the final strand of the web. IN THIS ISSUE: SPIDER-MAN NOIR! with 1:10 and 1:25 tiered covers for FOC.

The download code from the original issues is an easy process.

After a year-and-a-half legal delay, Marvel #1 is now available, with 1:25, 1:50, 1:200, and a massive 1:500 tiered cover for the FOC.

In the upcoming video game Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Brett Murphy and Wilson Gandolpho have 1:10, 1:25, and 1:00 tiered covers for FOC. "It is now in disarray that the once peaceful Kingdom of Bohemia is slaughtered by Istvan Toth and his bandit army, who are able to raid the recently destroyed villages for silver and weapons, while also causing fear to Wenceslaus loyalists.

With every single demon, shaman, vampire, whack-job zealot, reporter, and law enforcement officer on Earth hunting for Vampirella, Vampirella has taken refuge in an unidentified place, based on the fact that she was born to our world in the first place."

#1 by Andy Serkis, Andrew Levitas, Don Handfield, Anastazja Davis, and Andy Owens, is available on Scout Comics with 1:10 and 1:100 tiered covers for FOC. "The great god Zeus is long dead and brutally murdered in his own temple thirty years ago. The ancient gods, now alive, are convinced that the killer will be identified and found justice for his dead father."

Cullen Bunn and Piotr Kowalski have released a new comic series from Titan Comics. "Spiritborne is a critically acclaimed gothic gaming hit that has taken place in Yharnam, where new hunters descend on the streets in order to combat the cruel and unusual epidemic that has plagued the city. Families and faith will be tested in the black of the night.

Cullen Bunn has a second release book for the Valiant universe, inspired by Vicente Cifuentes. "Shadowman. Punk Mambo. Eternal Warrior. Doctor Mirage. The supernatural powers of the Valiant Universe have teamed up for the first time for a violent ancient danger. No one is hurt as Exarch Fane and rising star artist Riccardo Latina present BOOK OF SHADOWS, a supernatural event that spawns a brand-new

Ben Slabak and Edorado Natalini have released #1 as part of Source Point Press. "In the near future, a young girl by the name of Keiko and her grandfather use Junpei''s Temporal Roadside Response, servicing and fixing broken-down time machines, while looking for Keiko''s parents who have died somewhere in time."

"A dystopian near-future Japan," where spectral, once-human husks prey on unfortunates who couldn''t find salvation in the skyscraper-like trees that now dominate the desert. A discredited scientist works furiously to find a cure, until a one-eyed orphan girl and her pet, uh, urp, force him to reconsider everything he knows."

Philip Tan, Brian Haberlin, Daniel Henriques, and others shot the 30th anniversary of the film "In the not-too-distant future, the world will be just as it is todayonly worse." Evil has permeated the society, from the walls of government to the darkened alleyways. Will a new generation, inspired by the last of the old, rise? Who will be THE LAST SHADOWHAWK?

A new series, byJosh Trujillo and Abigail Starling, is released. "When Aggretsuko and her coworkers go on a business retreat to Tokyo Video Joy Place, a theme park run by an American movie studio, she is overwhelmed by repeated messages to "follow her dreams." But what is Aggretsuko''s dreams? And how can she make them a reality?

"Asexuality is often called the "invisible orientation," according to Molly Muldoon and Will Hernandezboth in the ace community. This book will be for anyone who wants to learn more about asexuality and for the ace people themselves to validate their experiences."

Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, John McCrea, and others have released their own graphic novel from Z2 Comics. "BLONDIE: AGAINST THE ODDS" is a collaborative exploration of the band''s oral history, while simultaneously capturing the impact of NYC on their journey, as well as the power and energy they found inside their songs that led them to legendary status.

The Shepherd''s surviving children are visited by a spectral dog who''s face is horribly disfigured. Nevertheless, the mournful dog''s spirit is determined to save his fellow animals from the horrific violence and cruelity of The Pit, which erupted his life. What follows is a desperate rescue attempt that pierces the very heart of darkness.

What''''s on your FOC?

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