Edgerunners Releases French Ferdinand-Fueled Opening Credits on Cyberpunk

Edgerunners Releases French Ferdinand-Fueled Opening Credits on Cyberpunk

During the virtual fan event Geeked Week on Netflix, anime enthusiasts were given some previews. One anime, particularly one that has been sparking some intense attention, is, produced by CD PROJEKT RED () and Studio Trigger (). This series, based on a street kid who wants to stay alive by becoming an edgerunner and a mercenary outlaw, has been given a few months to go until it has arrived on their screens. Despite this, viewers are being given the chance to

Here''s a look at the opening credits to : The anime scheduled to take Netflix screens this September, as well as Franz Ferdinand''s musical styles.

Here''s a look back at the official teaser as well as the previously-released preview clip for Netflix''s :

The show is produced by CD PROJEKT RED, which has both actors and actors involved in the project. Bringing the world to life in is Studio Trigger, a Japanese animated theatre, with Imaishi, who plays it as the chief character designer and executive animation director. Masahiko Otsuka ( ''The Elder'') and Yoshiki Usa (Gridman Universe) are in charge of the writing of the screenplay based on the story provided by CD PROJEKT RED. Akir

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