In July 2022, the Dragon Ball Super CG Value Watch will be realm of the gods

In July 2022, the Dragon Ball Super CG Value Watch will be realm of the gods

For collectors, cards are often unpredictable, as it is far more dependent on the playability of cards than, for example, the. However, collectors, especially as SCR cards with popular characters, end up becoming break-out cards. Today, I will release a new installment of this series, Value Watch, which is a series designed to assist collectors understand the trajectory of a card''s availability so that completionists like myself may know when to strike.

Here are the top valued cards of with market values observed on TCGPlayer as of this writing:

The God Rare SSB Vegeta and Unbridled Power are still quite high in value. However, this card is still limited due to its rarity and those sales vary greatly. The only TCGPlayer sale in May 2022 went for $2,499.99. The only one in June 2022 was $2,724.87. This will likely never become an obtainable card for most collectors, although as a completionist myself, this is a major dropoff.

There is little movement in this set, but we are beginning to see the God Rare chase lead to a scarcity of sealed goods. Remember, these rates on this card are so high to be established due to its extreme rarity, but many suggest that the card appears to be in one of three booster cases, which means it''s in one of the 36 booster boxes. Again: unobtainable.

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