Minions sparked an astonishingly bizarre viral TikTok trend, and its producers are admiring it

Minions sparked an astonishingly bizarre viral TikTok trend, and its producers are admiring it

As part of a viral TikTok trend, fans have been wearing suits at their local cinemas, and Universal has demonstrated their admiration for the dedicated fanbase.

No one knows what inspired the trend, but it''s been dubbed GentleMinions, which sees cinema-goers dressed up in suits for screenings, and they''ve certainly been getting to attention!

It might not be the most comfortable thing to watch a movie in, but it''s got people talking and has recently caught the attention of the official Universal account who has responded to these brilliant cinema-goers who are planning to watch their latest film.

#gentleminions 3, 2022

Universal captioned: "To everyone interested in joining @Minions in suits, we see you and we love you," meaning it appears like they applaud the bizarre trend even if its origins remain a mystery among the FilmTok community.

Fans are likely to be hoping to emulate Gru (Steve Carell), a leading character who often wears a suit, as he is meant to be a super villain! However, whatever the reason, it''s a trend that has the internet talking about the #GentleMinions hashtag.

Everyone who joins @Minions in suits is welcome. We see you, and we love you. July 1, 2022

However, not everyone is uninterested with the trend as cinemas in the United Kingdom have banned large numbers of loyal fans from attending screenings due to "disturbances" and one sign from Odeon has been issued online, requesting that fans do not participate in it for other cinema users.

"Due to recent disturbances following the #GentleMinions trend, any group of guests wearing formal attire will be denied entry for shows of. Thank you."

Despite a lot of disagreement over the GentleMinions trend, it appears to have a huge impact on the film, which has already raised over $200 million worldwide. So it appears like the Minions are here to stay, as well as their suited fans across the globe!

The cinematic world is currently open for release on July 1st.

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