Forscience, a Mint PSA Pokemon card is tested with bullets, fire, and more..

Forscience, a Mint PSA Pokemon card is tested with bullets, fire, and more..

How effective are your Pokemon trading cards? Well, Dicebreaker gave the Mint PSA Charizard the paces for one video to see just how indestructible the card might be. This includes simply dropping it, shooting it with various weapons, and even trying to roast it; what''s the final straw for this card, or will it pass these extreme tests?

The card''s dimensions are as follows: the PSA Mint 9 holographic Charizard GX Pokemon card from the 2019 Hidden Fates set. This means the card is worth approximately 20 GBP, unlike Logan Paul''s Charizard card from the original base set, which is currently worth over 400,000 GBP. Although, Paul says it''s worth a lot more.

The card at hand arrived in a protective case, and it is placed in a second protective case for a little extra survivability. The team analyzed the card (and cases) by putting them through seven different trials, and you may see exactly how it all went down here.

The first test involves getting the Pokemon card to a height, with the second test being shooting the card with a rifle. In all of this, our PSA Mint 9 Charizard is drowned, loaded with other armaments, such as a bow and an air rifle. It''s great to see how far these protective cases, and the Dicebreaker team, can go.

The card appears to be a failure at the first hurdle when its first protective case breaks. Dicebreaker don''t stop there, they strip some tape on it and continue with their extremely important scientific tests. As Dicebreaker''s Maddie replies in the video, the scientific community should know exactly how secure our Pokemon cards are.

The rest of video will be won''t for you, but I will say that as Dicebreaker''s tests become more extreme, there''s really no way to tell whether the card will progress to the final point in one piece. It''s tense, and on the whole, the durability of the PSA Mint 9 Charizard is incredible.

One user - Dan Jackson - claims that themselves and a colleague are working on an indestructible card right now. I don''t know about you, but I''m looking forward to seeing the next instalment... so go see for yourself how incredible (or not) the Dicebreaker prized card was!

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