Certain CEOs of Affinity share a message of thanksgiving to Roe vWade customers

Certain CEOs of Affinity share a message of thanksgiving to Roe vWade customers

Max Hoberman, the CEO of Certain Affinity, has shared a message with colleagues about recent political events, namely those related to personal health and privacy concerns, and the recent draft from the US Supreme Court to overturn Roe vs. Wade.

"It''s extremely difficult to navigate complex transgender and abortion rights," says the CEO, who was hesitant to sit back and express or do nothing, before delivering an in-depth message to his employees.

"It''s terribly sad that states, including the ''Certain Affinity'' headquarters'''' own state of Texas, are wading into what I consider personal health and privacy. Recent this encompassed widespread intrusions on the rights and dignity of transgender youth, putting politics on the physical and emotional wellbeing of a vulnerable population, threatening their families, friends, doctors, and other supporters.

"States in the recent US Supreme Court judgment that could overturn Roe v Wade have shown, women''s rights to make crucial decisions about their health and wellbeing, including access to vital birth control medication and abortion, are also under threat. Measures are already adopted in several states, which may similarly punish family members, friends, doctors, and other individuals who come to their aid. This is all extremely concerning on a personal level, but also as a business owner and leader. Unpolitical politicisation of private health issues

"We have yet to formulate specific procedures regarding our business''s handling of these issues. These are difficult areas to navigate, as state governments may at certain point agree that, by providing support to vulnerable workers during their time of need, we fall on the wrong side of the law. This is a real danger and a lot we must carefully navigate.

"Today as a demonstration of our company values, today I am making this commitment to you: If the state or province that you live in has restricted access to what a majority of medical experts consider essential care, and this makes remaining there unacceptable for you and your family, we will cover the pre-approved, documented, and reasonable out-of-pocket expenses of your relocation to another, safer state or province that we operate in.

"If this concern you, please inform us that you may submit questions or concerns to any member of our HR team. They will listen with compassion and maintain strict confidentiality on the subject, only sharing with other members of the extended HR team and with expert consultants if necessary."

Hoberman drew on to his staff for "continued trust and support," declaring that they will all "get through this together."

It''s very difficult to navigate heavily politicized topics like transgender and abortion rights. But I''m not rushing to sit back and say or do anything. Here''s a message that I was honored to share with all of @CertainAffinity''s full-time employees today. pic.twitter.com/zTJvaTm9Il

Hoberman isn''t the first person to speak out about the current political situation, and it certainly won''t be the last.

Bungie, a Destiny developer, made a statement this month in response to the US Supreme Court''s plans to overthrow Roe v Wade, calling it a "direct assault on human rights."

Bungie''s soon-to-be owner Sony is opposed to this. According to a new investigation, Sony is currently refusing to approve any comments its PlayStation studios might want to make on the subject of reproductive rights.

According to Ryan, Sony''s boss allegedly sent out an internal email requesting his employees to "respect differences of opinion" on abortion rights. While Ryan never disclosed his personal opinion on the subject, the tone of the email is understood to have been very hazy, with several notes on Ryan''s cats. This blase approach from Ryan hardly left many people feeling angry and dissatisfied.

Double Fine Productions, however, provided its thoughts on the matter shortly after Bungie''s presentation, declaring that it would "stand steadfast in [its] support of essential healthcare rights for everyone."

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