Part 20 of The Cards Of Pokemon TCG: Lost Thunder: Tyranitar

Part 20 of The Cards Of Pokemon TCG: Lost Thunder: Tyranitar

Bleeding Cool''s retrospective journey through the era of the continues. Now that the spotlight series has evolved through the first nine sets of this block ( base,,, and ), it is now time to look at the next set from this era:. This expansion was mainly centered on Zeraora and Lugia, but also included cards featuring Mimikyu, Suicune, and others. Today, we finish up the Dark-types with a true powerhouse.

The Pseudo-Legendary the Smack Down/Stone Edge beast itself, Tyranitar, is unconcerned.

This Tyranitar GX is given the Ultra Rare treatment to one of the franchise''s most famous Pokemon. It was introduced in along with the Johto region, while removing the small numbers of Pseudo-Legendaries that existed at the time. However, the soft coloring of this 3D art piece is a bit airbrushed pointing to me, but I appreciate how the warm and light colors of the background serve to make Tyranitar''s figure pop. However, since its arrival in the with the

Stay tuned for the next journey through To look back on this retrospective series, click the Lost Thunder tag below for more. Next time, this journey continues with this set''s main section.

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