How to Get theDevourer in V Rising Recovery Guide

How to Get theDevourer in V Rising Recovery Guide

In V Rising, you''ll get some use out of those items you don''t know and weapons you''ve grown out of. However, once you''ve reached the correct level, you''ll have a constant supply of basic crafting supplies, and no grinding is required.

What are you doing in V Rising?

How do you salvage in V Rising?

Salvaging uses the Devourer, an item box with teeth that consumes your unwanted goods and kindly spits out raw materials in return, often in large amounts.

If you need some extra effort to get to that point, you may go around the woods and clear out some bandit camps. You will also get some extra crafting supplies, including Whetstones if you are lucky.

Where can I find Lidia the Chaos Archer?

Where to find Lidia the Chaos Archer

Lidia is spotted in Farbane Woods, approximately near the center, under the DS in the map label. The surrounding area is fairly narrow, but Lidia is quick to send her attacks so you can get away before they arrive.

Lidia alternates between firing three arrows that explode in a small area of impact and firing shots that explode in a much larger area. The game shows where these will land with a large circle, so as long as you remain out of range, you''ll be fine.

While attacking, she tends to continue to be facing in the same direction, so it''s a great time to slip up and hit a few hits of your own.

Lidia disappears a few seconds later after experiencing a melee attack. It''s time between her reappearance and the attack that is long enough to avoid it if you keep moving.

In V Rising, how to use the Devourer

How to use the Devourer in V Rising

Once you defeat Lidia and absorb her V Blood, the possibility to craft the Devourer is unlockable.

Copper Ingots in 12 Planks 6 Planks

The Devourer will be displayed on the Production menu under the Refinement tab. Place it wherever you want, and interact with the chest to use it. From there, just drag whatever you want to recycle into the input section on the left, and youll see what the Devourers insides have in store for you in the output section.

Consider our guidebooks for how to get iron, how to find cotton, and how to get yourself some leather if you need extra help.

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