The next big patch in Final Fantasy 14 offers everyone a unique unique lingerie

The next big patch in Final Fantasy 14 offers everyone a unique unique lingerie

A recent Final Fantasy 14 letter from the Producer has given us some details on the long-awaited Island Sanctuary mode, as well as more, coming in the next major update.

The next major upgrade for everyone''s favourite MMO, patch 6.2, is expected to begin late August, and will include a whole new program. This includes the highly-anticipated Island Sanctuary, which will give every player their own unique island to relax on.

"Gather materials, construct facilities, care for animals, and more, without the need for previous crafting or gathering experience," says a press release.

A unique island currency that players may gain from "completing various content," which is then offered for "special items."

Patch 6.2 will see additional main scenario quests, picking up the location where Tataru''s Grand adventure was left off. Additional side quests will be added soon, which will enhance Tataru''s Grand Endeavor.

A new twist is coming up, which is called The Fell Court of Troia, as well as a new trial, which will be completed later. Pandmonium is also involved in the eight player raids.

Some major scenario reworks are coming to an end, with the duty support option expanding to include main scenario dungeons from Snow Cloak to The Vault.

Patch 6.18, which will be available tomorrow (July 5) and will include the data centre travel feature, meaning players will then be able to visit different data centres.

Naoki Yoshida, a FF14 producer, has obviously had his hands on the production of the hit MMO for the time being, but he still has time to get Final Fantasy 16 moving at an acceptable pace. FF16 will be out sometime in summer 2023, but it is completely playable, with only polish preventing it from being released.

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