We'll guess board games based on their poorest reviews, such as the DicebreakerPodcast

We'll guess board games based on their poorest reviews, such as the DicebreakerPodcast

As the Dicebreaker Podcast kicks out, Matt, Maddie, and Meehan meet to discuss the most recent tabletop gaming topics on episode 109.

Meehan discusses playing a variety of board games, including the recent updated version of Sobek, which is now available on BoardGameArena, and Century: Spice Road, a board game about collecting and upgrading spices to trade into points. Out of those two titles, Meehan has also completed her first playthrough of Resident Evil 2: Remake, some of which was previously recorded for Dicebreaker Plus members to watch.

Maddie discusses her new involvement in the miniatures game Sliver Bayonet, a title inherited by Osprey, the studio behind other miniatures games like Frostgrave, which features supernatural creatures fighting in the Napoleonic war. In addition, she discusses her adventures in Escape the Dark Sector, a sci-fi horror board game that provides a tabletop roleplaying-esque experience without all the effort required.

Matt inevitably brings forth more Mahjong and Elden Ring, as well as his experience of building and painting an entire tank miniature for Warhammer 30,000: Horus Heresy.

The trio have a quick discussion about the recent announcement that Paramount Pictures have chosen film rights to the rules-light TRPG Alice is Missing, before having a good laugh over the ridiculously magnificent Jumbo Pokemon deck one competitor attempted to play an official tournament.

This week, the hosts used to enthuse the names of board games by putting them in with whatever terrible reviews they could get of them online. Often, people can rated the games out of five stars, resulting in a lot of one-star ratings for some of the most well-loved titles. Matt, Maddie, and Meehan play a game in which they try to determine the tabletop titles they should be given.

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