Thais cant cook in peace on the latest episode of 90 day Fiances

Thais cant cook in peace on the latest episode of 90 day Fiances

In this season of, Patrick Mendes and Thais Melchior have encountered a number of obstacles in their relationship. For example, Thais was not exactly thrilled to relocate with Patrick from Austin to Dallas, and she allowed her views about that to be revealed, specifically when it comes to the size of the new home.

Patrick hasn''t been happy with Thais for not appreciating the amount of money he has paid on her. He claimed to have paid $10,000 on her since she was in the United States and wanted to be more cautious about spending more often. However, we anticipate it would be difficult to take someone''s worries about getting money seriously after he invites you on an impromptu trip to Vegas.

With that said, the most significant hurdle in their relationship is perhaps Patrick''s brother, John Mendes. He is often around the two, much to the pain of Thais. Shes never been a fan of his and in previous episodes was judgmental about his drinking, his taste in furniture, and his overall desire to live with his brother. This is particularly a point of contention. Now that she''s back to her time in the kitchen, she''s always pleased with her.

Patrick shares with his brother that Thais hasnt told her father that she is married (also a big obstacle in their relationship), but John goes to Thais directly to discuss the issue. Keep in mind, she is in the middle of preparing her soon-to-be husband a version of stroganoff, but she is still attempting to keep focus. (On a side note, the recipe for ketchup and mustard didnt quite sit well with us.)

Patrick assures Thais that it is not appropriate for her to inform her father of her wedding intentions, but he also believes his brother is a good catch, and no one should be embarrassed to tell them about his marriage. These are all acceptable opinions most viewers would agree with, even if Thais was trying to "nicely" tell him to enjoy his life. But then, John took a rather overuse of her cooking.

Rachel Ray or Martha Stewart can attest to that you dont turn off another cooks stove unless required. If such a thing exists, then John violated that by turning off the chicken Thais was cooking for her stroganoff, just because he felt it was overcooked. This is a guy who dropped a steak on the floor while making breakfast but then wanted it to deaf people.

Thais don''t take kindly to that and protests the actions. He then asks him to try the dish. He takes one bite and while her back is turned, it is placed in the sink. It''s like having rubber. Rubber with ketchup and mustard mixed together," he tells the cameras. The only thing more disturbing than that was watching Patrick try to eat the dish with a smile on his face. We aren''t sure if it was editing, but he drank an awful

What 90 Day fans are saying about John and Thais'' cooking

Fans were not putting hold on the John and Thais debate on social media. Despite the fact that there are absolutely John and Thais divides, everyone seemed to be agreeing that this is not how you make stroganoff.

Remind me to never order a Brazilian stroganoff. #90dayfianceJuly 4, 2022

It''s supposed to be "GROUND" MUSTARD Girl, not just plain old mustard #90DayFianceJuly 4, 2022.

JOHN!!! A spooky man. He is a danger #90DayFiance 4, 2022

The Thais are trying to ruin Patrick''s relationship with his brother, revealing what Patrick revealed about his childhood and how his relationship with his brother translates to #90DayFianceJuly 4, 2022

In the near future #90DayFianceJuly 4, 2022, I''d love to see John and Patrick on the Pillow Talk.

Stroganoff in Portuguese refers to diarrhea. #90DayFiance 4, 2022

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