Season Of Pride 2022: MidBoss Reveals Details

Season Of Pride 2022: MidBoss Reveals Details

The Season of Pride 2022 has been revealed, as they will be holding a month-long event in July promoting LGBTQIA+ diversity in gaming. This month, the team will be partnering with charitable organizations, which will include a Steam sale and event, which will also take place on July 9th. There are also discounts on LGBTQIA+ themed games, including, and. There will also be a Steam sale and event, which will take place on July 9th and will begin until July 23rd. There

Through these streams, LGBTQIA+ streamers like UrbanBohemian, DEERE, JeffBrutlag, and Miabyte will play games with representation of queer characters, themes, and stories on weekends throughout July. MidBoss, a developer and publisher of LGBTQ-themed titles, organized the event, and will livestream and re-host partnered streamers on the MidBoss Twitch channel throughout the month. Season of Pride 2022 aims to build on the success of Season

"We are so thankful to have hosted another Season of Pride to shine a spotlight on all of the fantastic LGBTQIA+ games and content creators, and to support the mission of some fantastic organizations," said Cade Peterson. "Donate early, donate often! Add some games to the backlog and feel good about it!"

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