Andor: Tony Gilroy Explains the 5-Year Story Format for "Rogue One."

Andor: Tony Gilroy Explains the 5-Year Story Format for "Rogue One."

This past May''s Star Wars Celebration provided a slew of good news about the upcoming live-action Andor series, including stars Diego Luna and Genevieve O''Reilly, and producer Tony Gilroy, as well as a confirmed premiere date on August 31st. But perhaps the biggest news was the size of the series, with Gilroy confirming a two-season, five-year story timeline that will spell out over 24 episodes (with all roads leading to the opening of ). From there, the second,

"The scale of the show is enormous," Gilroy said in an interview with Empire. "We said, "Wow, it''d be really interesting if we come back, and we use each block to represent a year." "We''ll move a year closer with each block," he added. From a narrative perspective, it''s really rewarding to have a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday if you get a year."

The series "Andor" will examine a different perspective from thegalaxy, focusing on Cassian Andor''s quest to discover the difference he can make. The series chronicles the burgeoning Empire and how people and planets evolved. It''s a smidgeon that leads Cassian on the path that he intends to lead to a rebel hero.

Stellan Skarsgard(), Kyle Soller (reprising Mon Mothma), Denise Gough (reprising Saw Gerrera), Fiona Shaw (reprising Saw Gerrera, Robert Emms, and Adria Arjona) are among the guests on the program. Gilroy is expected to premiere on August 31st.

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