In What If: Miles Morales #5 (Spoilers) Is Miles Thor-ales' Return

In What If: Miles Morales #5 (Spoilers) Is Miles Thor-ales' Return

With the release of Marvel Comics, comic book writer Yehudi Mercado set the internet abuzz last month. And nothing in a good way.

Miles Morales is still a Brooklyn resident but also the God of Thunder. Instead of going to Asgard, he has brought him to him and his neighborhood. The comic portrays Miles Morales'' son, Odin, and Frigga, but his uncle Aaron is also Loki.

Many found this sluggish, sluggish-disciplined, and ridicule. Michael Wilson of Lake Forest Park, Washington, wrote, "You should get paid by @23andMe! I love how I''m not Mexican enough for Twitter," as he posed, adding, "I should have added more upskirt shots, and then you would have loved it!" with shots of Jewish American writer Brian Bendis.

Miles Morales Thor (Miles Thorales?) was ridicule, but others saw him as the equivalent of Marvel writers on Luke Cage in the seventies. Mecardo apologise, posting;

"I''ve taken the last few days to remark and listen" for your criticism of My recent issue of What If Miles Morales was Thor. While I''ve learned much about Jewish and Mexican politics, I''m sorry this failed on that front. I''ve appreciated hearing and learning from my Black and Puerto Rican comics peers and hope to use this moment to promote improved authenticity. I''ll also donate what Marvel paid me to the Brooklyn Book Bodega, which works to increase literacy and provide additional books to kids in

It is worth mentioning that Marvel Comics actually modified and published the comic in question. This week, the character returns in #5, gathering all the different parallel versions of Miles Morales that have appeared in the series. Now written by Cody Ziglar and drawn by Paco Medina.How is he treated this time around?

There are many different kinds of language limitations in a Marvel comic here.

What if Thor Was Thor may as well be

So close, "You buggin!" but nonetheless, it may be a step up from last week. Oh, and hey, he''s talking to a spider after all.

WHAT IF MILES MORALES #5 (OF 5) MARVEL COMICS MAY220960 (W) Cody Ziglar (A/CA) Paco Medina HOW MANY MILES DOES IT TAKE TO SAVE THE UNIVERSE?! What if the many Miles of the multiverse assembled to overcome a threat against all realities? The Prowler enacts the final phase of his evil plan alongside LOKI, SABRETOOTH, and CLASS

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