Americans and Scots Know "Squirrel Girl" Rhymes, They Just Disagree How

Americans and Scots Know "Squirrel Girl" Rhymes, They Just Disagree How

After being picked up for an American anthology comic book by Dan Slott, Squirrel Girl developed a nanny of Like Cage and Jessica Jones'' daughter in Avengers, and eventually switched her own title, graphic novels, and fanbase. But most English residents did not realize that her name is intended to reverberate. Doreen Green, the name for Doreen Greeley, is not just her secret identity. But the actual words "Squirrel Girl."

Because in American English, Squirrel Girl is pronounced "Skwurl Gurl." In English English, it is "Skwirrel Gurl." I know, today, we all learn something, or is it not?

Because in Scots English, it can be translated "Skwurr-ell Gurr-ell" depending on the region. So the two words still rhyme together, but in the opposite direction. Also, anyone who does pronounce it in such a manner may not appreciate being called upon again to do so, and they have already heard up here to say "a purple Curly-Wurly was discovered at the scene of the murder," five times today. It gets a bit more.

Dan Slott, I know you couldn''t make a crossover work, but what about the Squirrel Girl/Doctor Who crossover? If only to get Peter Capaldi, Sylvester McCoy, or Ncuti Gatwa''s Doctor to say her name, then Dan Slott? Amy Pond?

Milana Vayntrub was to play Squirrel Girl on the live-action Marvel''s TV show, however, this series was never released before. But with Disney+ scrambling around, it can only be a matter of time. So, please allow Steven Moffat to showrun, he''s not on the go.

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