Japan's Lost Abyss Preview of Pokemon TCG: Kyurem VMAX

Japan's Lost Abyss Preview of Pokemon TCG: Kyurem VMAX

The first set to open in Japan has been revealed. will take on several card types in the form of smoky, colorful tendrils. Origin Forme Giratina will launch as a V and VSTAR, but it is expected. This set, along with the last main series Japanese set that focused on Zoroark, will be the basis of the next English-language set, coming in September 2022. Let''s look at the number of VMAX characters in the set.

The actual hue is a burst of color. Kyurem VMAX sets aside expectations for this card type to include 3D illustration rather than using N-DESIGN, Inc. This completely exceeded my expectations for a Kyurem VMAX and is now compatible with Mew VMAX, Pikachu VMAX, and the Eeveelutions as a potential top VMAX of the day. However, take a look at the depth of the colors here. While standard, non-

Japanese sets usually give us early ideas on what the English-language sets might include, so keep an eye on our coverage. Here at Bleeding Cool, you can keep an eye on previews of cards as well as updates on everything.

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