After a 'ruthless' Casa Amor episode, viewers of Love Island were stunned

After a 'ruthless' Casa Amor episode, viewers of Love Island were stunned

Casa Amor has had a good and bad start,and the fans are all saying the same thing it''s one of the most''ruthless'' yet.

When the islanders get separated, new bombshells are there to tempt them every year, but usually there are at least a few couples who have had the time to build a solid relationship before Casa arrives. This year, most connections were not super strong, thus we''re getting some of the most dramatic Casa Amor episodes.

The girl bombshells in the main house hadn''t even been there for 24 hours when quite a few of the guys had already kissed them, of a challenge Davide, Andrew, and Dami, we''re looking at you. Jay also kissed one of the girls, but hey, he''s single...

Show off viewers on social media expressing Casa Amor being one of the most heartfelt yet, slowly planning for the carnage that the next recoupling might be.

One joked about the traditional postcard that one of the villas receives, stating, "It''s at this point the postcard cannot accommodate THE DISGUSTINGNESS the boys done did We need an aeroplane banner."

Another, tweeting a meme depicting someone looking concerned, said: "It''s okay to watch the whole episode: #LoveIsland."

Another viewer said that "Casa this year is LOVEIsland," while another said, "These boys are ruthless this year. No one is safe."

Guys at this point the postcard isn''t capable of BEING READY THE BATTLE THE WERE done We need an aeroplane banner #LoveIsland #TALKSWITHASH 4, 2022

#LoveIsland 4, 2022

This year''s casa is RUTHLESS #LoveIsland 4, 2022

This year, these boys are ruthless. #LoveIsland 4, 2022

Some go up as far as saying that this year''s show is making them abandon on love. "This season of love island genuinely makes me believe love isn''t real #loveisland," one said.

Ekin-su''s only hope is to make it suitable for the girls, according to one, "I want ekin-su to break every couple (apart from luca and gemma) when she returns from casa amor."

Despite the fact that Dami, Andrew, Davide, and Jacques are more interested in seeing them, Luca appears to be pretty set on Gemma, and even sleeps outside.

Let''s look back at what the next few days bring...

This love island season genuinely makes me believe love isnt real #loveisland 4, 2022

ekin-su is hoping to break every couple (apart from luca and gemma) when she return from casa amor #loveisland 4, 2022

Love Island is now being released on ITV2 and ITV Hub (opens in a new tab), with new episodes coming daily.

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