The Cyberpunk: Edgerunners anime series on Netflix has a really cool intro

The Cyberpunk: Edgerunners anime series on Netflix has a really cool intro

I like anime, but I might try it out more. At their best they''re a slew of style and energy, but they often feature better animation than the show that follows, and they''re often scored by first rate Japanese jazz, rock, and blues scores.

Netflix has just released the introduction to the upcoming Cyberpunk anime, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, and it''s got a Franz Ferdinand track over the top, but hey, it''s still pretty good.

Edgerunners is a ten-part anime series set in Night City, designed and produced in collaboration with CD Projekt Red. It''s being backed by Studio Trigger, the Japanese anime studio responsible for Kill La Kill, SSSS.Gridman, and the Little Witch Academia movie. These aren''t projects I love, but I''m not sure how the intro will look. A trailer has revealed decent production values.

The opening scene of the Franz Ferdinand series is good, but the title isn''t strong enough to be heard in the intro. It''s still good for Speed Grapher to use Duran Duran, but Cyberpunk can use a Franz Ferdinand song from 2004. Plus, all of the other elements I want from an intro are there: bold colours, large fonts, and visual metaphors...

Edgerunners is due sometime this September. In the meantime, please give me your favourite anime introduction. I can''t pick mine, but it''s only because it''s Cowboy Bebop, and that is unlikely to write down.

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