The Devils Hour's cast, interviews, video, first look, and more about the nightmare-inducing thriller

The Devils Hour's cast, interviews, video, first look, and more about the nightmare-inducing thrille

It''s just the kind of chilling series that''s bound to give you nightmares. Referring to the worst time of the night specifically 3.33am, the Amazon Prime Video series follows Lucy, who has been awakened every night at the same time by terrifying visions and a sense of foreboding. However, a story of sleepless nights, nightmares, and occurrences soon becomes one of a brutal murder.

"So, I understand," Sue Vertue said of her psychological thriller, "So it''s beautiful." Lucy is a social worker; she wakes at 3.33am every morning without failing and sort of has nightmares. And she''s got a son who''s seven years old. Psychiatrists are just figuring out everything out. And Peter Capaldi is there to assist in organizing things. It''s also a fun story to do. "It''s also quite exciting,"

Here''s what we have so far learned about the six-part adventure, which features a top-notch cast, including Jessica Raine and Peter Capaldi...

The Devils Hour release date

Amazon Prime Video has announced a six-part series, which will be released later in 2022, and we expect it to happen sometime next year, just ahead of Halloween! Well of course, update as soon as we know more.

Is there a trailer for The Devils Hour?

Yes, a trailer for Amazon Prime Video is super dangerous. Peter Capaldi is really releasing us the chills. If you want to, take a look below!

Jessica Raineon stars in The Devils Hour.Lucy

At a time when nobody wants to go downstairs and investigate unusual events, Jessica Raine plays her troubled mother Lucy, who is shocked by nightmares and wakes up every day dot on 3.33am. But things change when her visions appear to be connected to a series of brutal murders and a potential serial killer.

"Lucy wakes up at 3:33am Every day, and she does her whole life when she doesn''t know why. So she''s trying to get to the bottom of why her son is angry. But there are a number of strange things around her, and she is a character that she knows very well. So you don''t know how or why she gets upset. Deja Vu is sort of looking at the dangers of being in a car lot of the time.

"While filming, you''re kind of in this context in which you know, it''s a sort of a plethora of dexterity.

Jessica Raine has established her name as Jenny Lee in the first three BBC1 series and has now stars in and. She has also been selected as one of the all-star cast in the upcoming Starz drama about Elizabeth I''s younger years.

Peter Capaldion is playing his unintentional mystery character in The Devil''s Hour.

Peter Capaldi is playing a reclusive nomad driven by a gruesome obsession, who becomes the prime target of a police manhunt.

"It''s difficult for me to tell you about my role without giving away much," Peter Capaldi said. "It''s really good. The scripts are excellent, and it''s strange.

''The composition of the piece is quite spectacularly dark.'' It may be quite enjoyable, because a lot of the time he''s chained to a table, and that he''s responsible for a number of serious crimes. It''s very likely that he will do something very terrible to them. He is not what he appears. He has a strategy. It''s a very clever compulsive plan. He''s also horrified.

"The reason that he''s doing is not what you think. Or maybe it is." The perfect thing about this project, for me, was that the scripts were fantastic and inventive. And it''s such a great idea at the core. Sue is one of the world''s greatest producers and nicest people. On occasion, occasional collaborations with Steven Moffat were involved. So it was a no brainer, and really incredible.

Peter Capaldi is known as the twelfth incarnation of the Doctor in and for playing Malcolm Tucker in the satirical comedy. Hes also been in several top films recently, including,, and the soon-to-be-released.

The Devil''''s Hour cast Nikesh Patel

Rav Dhillon is a compassionate detective who is working on the manhunt and the investigation of the murders. Hes played by Nikesh Patel who was Aafrin Dalal in the C4 costume drama, and he recently appeared as Foaly in Artemis Fowl, a TV program.

Who else is starring in The Devils Hour?

Former EastEnders actor Alex Ferns, who we know most well as a policeman, is also on the role, along with comedy stars Meera Syal and Phil Dunster, although their roles are yet to be announced.

The Devils Hour locations and what we know.

Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue, both producers of, and directed by Johnny Allan and Isabelle Sieb, have begun filming in London and Farnborough Studios earlier this month.

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