Puzzle 381, Hints, Clues, andSolution are all in today's Wordle Answer (July 5)

Puzzle 381, Hints, Clues, andSolution are all in today's Wordle Answer (July 5)

The party might end, but the fun never ceases with today''s Wordle offer for July 5.

Were on Puzzle 381 with the new month in full swing, and while the solution might be a very common word, a couple of rarely used letters make it harder to guess than you may expect.

Because Wordle has so many possibilities, it can be difficult to narrow them all down with 6 assumptions. However, with some careful deduction and smart eliminations you can work it out. Remember, green letters are already in the right place, whereas orange letters are needed reshuffling into the correct spot.

Weve identified a few recent Wordle solutions as well as a few specific suggestions and clues to help you get started.

Clues and hints for Today''''s Wordle Answer

In Wordle, when the correct letters arrive, it may be that you''ve been given away. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of them.

If the error occurs, you should be able to guess the word from some of its terms.

Your predictions are:

  • The answer contains 2 different vowels
  • The vowels are next to each other in the word
  • The answer can mean where animals graze, but also to take questions

The words below are most effective, since they have already been used in Wordle and will not come up again. While there are still tens of thousands of possible solutions, you can bet that it will not be any of these.

  • #351 Depth June 5
  • #352 Gloom June 6
  • #353 Flood June 7
  • #354 Trait June 8
  • #355 Girth June 9
  • #356 Piety June 10
  • #357 Goose June 11
  • #358 Float June 12
  • #359 Donor June 13
  • #360 Atone June 14
  • #361 Primo June 15
  • #362 Apron June 16
  • #363 Blown June 17
  • #364 Cacao June 18
  • #365 Loser June 19
  • #366 Input June 20
  • #367 Gloat June 21
  • #368 Awful June 22
  • #369 Brink June 23
  • #370 Smite June 24
  • #371 Beady June 25
  • #372 Rusty June 26
  • #373 Retro June 27
  • #374 Droll June 28
  • #375 Gawky June 29
  • #376 Hutch June 30
  • #377 Pinto July 1
  • #378 Egret July 2
  • #379 Lilac July 3
  • #380 Sever July 4

Todays Wordle Answer July 5th

Heard of today''s Wordle answer is a field.

Since the time of Old English, there has been a very similar word to field, as it is common in many other Germanic languages, such as Dutch and German. However, it wasn''t until the 1300s that it begain to be used in the sense of "battlefield."

From this more abusive notion, the meaning of "to field questions" comes from, like you''ll be going out to meet them in the battle.

Here are a few Wordle alternatives to get stuck in right now!

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