Sharon Watts has a look on Kat Slater from EastEnders!

Sharon Watts has a look on Kat Slater from EastEnders!

In Monday''s episode of (7:30 pm) Sharon Watts reveals a huge confrontation with Kat Slater. See our TV Guide for more information.

When Sharon Watts and Kat Slater were hit with a bombshell, they are left reeling.

Sharon was outraged for Phil Mitchell''s safety just days before when she visited him in prison with five letters to send to his parents.

After a fellow prisoner Craig advised Phil that his time was relapsed. The situation had no possibility of getting some muscle as the prisoner Ravi returned.

Been he wrong with Keeble''s promise to get him out of trouble if he turned grass, or did Phil Mitchell finally meet his maker?

Both Sharon and Kat are in a boat, although old disagreements rise to the surface. Instead of being there for one another, the couple is likely to be in conflict.

It''s difficult to at the best of times, especially if they close up in a big conflict to stay civil to each other.

Is it possible to combine their differences to strengthen one another?

Meanwhile, Sam Mitchell is on edge after her recent meddling to break down the family empire.

After Phil gave Kat and Sharon total control, Sam was determined to take her back to the top.

In light of the last 24 hours of shock, Sam realizes that she may be in serious distress.

Will her desire to demolish Phil''s empire be exposed?

This episode will air on BBC Two due to UEFA Women''s Euros 2022 on BBC One on Tuesday at 7:30 pm. All of this week''s episodes will be available on iPlayer from Monday 11 July.

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