Gun TERROR at Number 24 in Neighbours!

Gun TERROR at Number 24 in Neighbours!

On today''s episode of ''6:00pm,'' a Ramsay Street resident is worried about Freya''s disappearance, which she met with previously deceased doctor, Kiri Durant, who was reportedly blackmailed to help her. In exchange, David is willing to go ahead and wear a hidden wire to assist him catch out the corrupt prison guard. Dan Waskett is a big proponent of the law..

Jane Harris (Annie Jones) is having a slew of questions. Jane''s children, Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes) and Byron Klocek, show her the photo of Jane''s boyfriend, Clive Gibbons (Geoff Paine), with Danielle Pendlebury, a delusional celebrity. However, Jane is concerned that Clive may confront Danielle herself. Could this be the end for Jane and Clive?

Channel 5 continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 6:00pm.

The series is also available on My5 for download.

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