Dean Thompson THREATES Nathan..

Dean Thompson THREATES Nathan..

Dean Thompson is determined to clear his name and prove his innocence before going into jail. Alternatively, Dean is on the verge of becoming framed for PK''s murder by Nathan Silva (Ryan Panizza), who has already caused a lot of controversy for Dean''s sister, Kevin Wiggins. Meanwhile, Senior Constable Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) is on the lookout for his arrest. Will Dean finally prove his innocence before it''s too late?

Tane Parata (Ethan Browne) is slowly regaining weight after his recent stabbing at Salt. Tane''s girlfriend, Felicity Newman, says she''ll be helpful in his recovery. However, Felicity''s brother, Cash, is also busy with the investigation into the murder of PK. And his own sister, PK, is also on the verge of being discovered on its gambling tables at Salt. Uh-oh...

Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) is left worried the worst after her boyfriend, Dean''s sudden disappearance. But she''s been here before and fears that he''s involved in more complex relationships with his River Boy buddies. After the cops receive a warrant for Dean''s arrest, Ziggy decides enough is enough. She starts packing a bag. Is Ziggy on Dean?

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