Neighbours spoilers: Malcom Kennedy has a MYSTERY woman!

Neighbours spoilers: Malcom Kennedy has a MYSTERY woman!

On today''s episode of (6:00pm) Malcolm Kennedy arrives on the doorstep of Number 28, which is unintentionally acquainting Mal (Alan Fletcher) and Susan Kennedy''seldest son, Catherine, and their daughter, Susannah,! WHY is Mal with his long-time wife, Karl Fletcher, and his (Jackie Woodburne) parents, or how they get together? WHY does Mal''s story come to life, and that''s more than he''

Melanie Pearson and Toadie Rebecchi''s engagement party at Number 30 on Saturday morning. However, Melanie is still reeling from Harold Bishop''s (Ian Smith) harsh remarks and does her best to avoid him. However, Melanie is on the verge of being put to the test again when Angie (Lesley Baker) arrives for the party. It soon becomes clear that Harold isn''t the only person who disapproves Melanie...

Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) is excited about going into business with Shane Ramsay (Peter O''Brien), a former Ramsay resident. However, Paul knows how to sign and disclose his business facts and figures. Could Shane be confused about other aspects of his future business relationship? As Shane starts catching-up with some of the Erinsborough residents, though, there is always a chance for him to disclose information about Paul.

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