Izzy Hoyland is back in bed! Neighbours spoilers

Izzy Hoyland is back in bed! Neighbours spoilers

When Izzy Hoyland was in Erinsborough, she had a twisted plan to get pregnant with her ex-boyfriend, Karl Kennedy''s (Alan Fletcher) baby, and she froze his sperm sample from the hospital! When Karl and Susan unexpectedly arrive at the Kenndy house, she discovers that her one-time love boyfriend, Izzy, is madly in love with her. But she faces the challenges in her quest to welcome the terrible troublemaker into the Kennedy family...

After Harold''s harsh comments to Toadie''s fiancee Melanie Pearson (Mark Little), Harold comes clean and admits to being unable to express the truth about his and Melanie''s divorce. After Joe sets the record straight, Harold realizes he must do some serious damage damage. Are Toadie and Melanie willing to forgive him and move beyond this?

Melanie''s patience with Toadie''s mother, Angie (Lesley Baker), is tight as the engagement party at Number 30 comes to an end. Angie, an infamous mother, has been making rude digs at Melanie all afternoon.

Melanie has finally SNAPS... and decides it''s time to put Angie in her seat. Uh-oh. Is Melanie really ready to go head-to-head with the Rebecchi family''s biggest fish?

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