The PC Gaming Show 2022 is set for June 13

The PC Gaming Show 2022 is set for June 13

Sleep is for the weak

It''s time to start blocking out your calendars for another summer of presentations, live streams, and internet gatherings. Besides the typical (is it still still typical?) E3 celebrations, developers and publishers will once again be taking to the airwaves to showcase their upcoming products, projects, and plans for the remainder of 2022 and beyond.

The PC Gamers PC Gaming Show 2022, which will be held on Monday, June 13, at 12:30 PT / 15:30 ET / 20:30 BST, will feature world exclusive details, brand new trailers, developer interviews, and the most recent updates on some of the most recent and greatest titles heading to keyboard warriors everywhere.

As this year''s showcase, the audience can anticipate to see 45 titles:

  • An unannouncedgamefrom 11 bit studios
  • A brand-new project from Klei Entertainment
  • An exclusive interview on with Bohemia Interactive
  • The final trailer for Sam Barlows mind-bending
  • New gameplay of the ambitious mod project
  • An update on from Saber Interactives Tim Willits
  • First gameplay from the highly anticipated grand strategy game

On June 13, please check out the official PC Gamer YouTube channel or the official PCGamingShow website. Here''s all of the latest news and top scoops right here on Destructoid. I kindly requested that Keighley and his pals do their best to keep shenanigans under two hours. We have beds and families.

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