Season 12 of Death in Paradise: cast, plot, and everything we know

Season 12 of Death in Paradise: cast, plot, and everything we know

DI Neville Parker will reprise the role of Ralf Little on season 12 of Saint Marie. More murder mysteries will be solved on the fictional island of Saint Marie.

Fans of the hugely popular series will be amazed to hear that a new run has not only been officially confirmed, but that it will begin filming in the spring. It''s now revealed that it will actually begin shooting in May 2022.

After the first one, which was broadcast over the festive season for 2021, will also be getting a second Christmas special.

Which season 12 will be in store? Whos back? When is it likely to be on our screens?

Death in Paradise season 12 release date

The season 12 date is still to be officially confirmed, but it is very likely to begin in January 2023 in the United Kingdom on BBC1. It will be shown in the United States at a later date. The filming will begin in May 2022, and it should be ready for early 2023.

Death in Paradise season 12 plot

The firm plot details for the new series have yet to be confirmed. However, we know all of the main characters are returning. Neville will no doubt be continuing his journey from Florence, who rejected him in season 11, but they would also anticipate additional plot development. It will also be interesting to see if Florence makes a comeback. And whether we will again see Dwayne, who was last seen in the Christmas episode.

Death in Paradise season 12 cast

It''s been confirmed that Ralf Little will be officially reinstated as DI Neville Parker for season 12.

The only surviving cast member from the first-ever episode of Don Warrington is also back as the Commissioner.

Catherine Bordey will play Elizabeth Bourgine, who has been on the show since the second episode. Plus Tahj Miles (Officer Marlon Pryce), Shantol Jackson (Sergeant Naomi Thomas), and Ginny Holder have all been confirmed for the new role.

Who will star in Season 12 of Death in Paradise?

The BBC is currently keeping this information under wraps! This article will be updated when we know more.

Will Josephine Jobert return as Florence?

It''s certainly not been ruled out. Florence did not die at the end of series 11 and she said she needed time away from Saint Marie. So the door has completely been open for Josephine Jobert to return. It may be a way for them both to depart the show as husband and wife.

Will Ralf Little leave Death in Season 12 of Paradise?

Ralf Little isn''t expected to leave yet, but he has been on the show for quite a while. The average length of time on the show as the lead detective is about three years, and that''s how long Ralf will have served by the end of season 12, therefore perhaps it will be his last?

Is Camille Bordey in Season 12 of Death in Paradise?

Camille has returned to series 10, but there isn''t much information on whether Sara Martins might make a repeat return for series 12, though, as she''s one of the show''s most famous characters.

Is there a trailer?

Unfortunately, not yet.

Is Death in Paradise still being made?

Yes, the project is still underway. Series 12 is on its way, and there are likely to be more series as it is a huge worldwide hit.

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