How to Create a Clan and Join Your Friends in VRising

How to Create a Clan and Join Your Friends in VRising

V Rising is the latest PvE/PvP role-playing game to hit Steam right now, but players are already fleeing to the game to live their best vampire life solo or as a clan. Hence, upgrading your Gear Level to combat bosses, while avoiding the dangers of sunlight and garlic is an option.

While you may go solo in V Rising if you really want, you may also use friends to take on servers together, or play in a server of your own. In V Rising, what do clans do?

Clans in V Rising perform similarly to those of other games, albeit with a few small differences. In this video, we reveal exactly how you may create a clan or join up with your friends for some terrible teamwork.

How to create a clan in V Rising

You''re able to create a clan for up to four players for free in your V Rising clan (with default server settings).

Bear in mind that when you and your friends gather up together, the clan will only exist inside of the server you''re in. Venture beyond that server and you''ll be facing things solo until you return to the original server where you created your clan.

By selecting ''P'' and then creating a Clan, you may name your clan, choose a theme, and finally, create it. Once everything''s done, you''re the owner of a shiny new clan and can now invite your friends to join you. However, make sure that they''re on the same server as you!

Invite Player and enter the name of the person you want to invite, and the same server will allow you to invite them.

If you want to join a clan, then you have to wait for your friend to do all of the work and accept their invitation. Ta-da!

V Rising ''''Clan is Full'''' Error

It appears that a few players have encountered the message that their clan is full. Sadly, this is not an error (in most instances, not all! ), but simply because to the fact that the number of players you can have in a single clan at any time is quite limited. If you try to invite any additional, you''ll get notified that your clan is full.

I recommend grabbing Beatrice the Tailor and getting some cotton, cloth, and other essentials. Alternatively, if you''ve had a lot of time on your hands for farming mobs, get Unsullied Hearts and Greater Blood Essence.

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