Why did Sara Martins leave Death in Paradise as Camille Bordey?

Why did Sara Martins leave Death in Paradise as Camille Bordey?

Camille will reprise her role in the series 10 of Death in Paradise.

Fans of Death in Paradise are ecstatic that Sarah Martins will reprise her role as Camille Bordey for the show''s 10th anniversary next year. But why did Sara Martins leave Death in Paradise as Camille Bordey in 2015?

Sara talks about her departure in series four during an interview she gave us. She also talks about her departure. It''s clear she missed it a lot as she will be back for Season 10 of Death in Paradise!

Sarah Martins on why she left as Camille Bordey in Death in Paradise (interview given at the time of her departure)

Tonight, DS Camille Bordey stepped off to Saint Marie before disappearing into the sunset. Was it important to keep Camille''s shock departure a secret? We like to have some big surprises in the series in Death in Paradise, but we always have a murder at the beginning and a denouement at the end, so it''s important to have collateral surprises with the regular characters in between. So when Ben Millers DI Richard Poole was killed off that was quite bold! There can only be several

Was it a hard decision to quit BBCs hit whodunit? Yes, it was tremendously rewarding. Even if you lose something you love, you should always go forward and take new challenges. The unknown is so uplifting!

What have you done on Death in Paradise since 2011, and how many times have you met? Because many people are on the lookout, and both the British and the local crews are really amazing. Being so far away from home, we have actually got to know each other and connect. When you work on a comedy, work is fun.

What do you think youll miss most about the job? The joking around and playing of tricks! The animations were so awesome, and we were all in this kind of mood. When youre with friends, one joke leads to another! I think these vibrations between us came across on screen. I will certainly miss that most of all and being in beautiful Guadeloupe.

That said, what will you not miss about the job? Those 12-hour days, and then having to go home later and learn lines in English! Sometimes, being away from home may be tough too. I will also miss the cockerels!

Ben Miller''s departure was mentioned by you. Did it really affect your career? Yes, when I first arrived on the programme I was this French girl guest. I still am very grateful to him for making this the best job possible. When Ben arrived, I realized it was on me to try and be the locomotive he had ever imagined. As I was aware of the show''s dynamics, my character, and everyone.

Kris Marshall was so happy and patient with him. "He is a model," he said. When he arrived, he was under pressure. He was so energetic and warm he took his place - very easily and naturally - as show''s head. It was wonderful because we were really a team.

When it came to your exit storyline did you wish to be killed off like Ben? We asked for the best outcome, but they didn''t want me to. It was perfect for me because I wanted to say goodbye to Camille and the audience. And who knows, there''s always the possibility I can return!

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