Season 18 of Greys Anatomy: The Next Episode of The Medical Drama and Everything We Know

Season 18 of Greys Anatomy: The Next Episode of The Medical Drama and Everything We Know

Do you want to be nostalgic? There are youngsters entering their last year of high school who have never lived in a world where the ABC medical drama was absent, as the current season is at number 18 for the show.

Shonda Rhimes, a TV producer, has created a new role as the country''s longest-running primetime medical drama, surpassing its previous record of 15 seasons. It''s not slowing down yet, as season 19 has already been confirmed.

Here are a few basic information about Season 18 of the Army.

When is the next Greys Anatomy episode?

We''re only one week away from the two-hour season finale, and it appears that tonight''s episode will be a fun one for newcomer Nick. Along the way, Meredith''s family and friends are going to grill her new boyfriend in an effort to get to know him. By the way, we''re still trying to determine how we feel about Nick ourselves.

The next full-length episode of ''Stronger than Hate'' starts Thursday, May 19, at 9 pm ET/PT. Here''s a sneak peek at the video.

"Nick''s sister house is thrown at a dinner party. Grey Sloan Memorial receives a victim of a violent hate crime."

Can''t watch live? The next day (Fridays) episodes will be available on and on Hulu.

When is the Grey''''s Anatomy season 18 finale?

The second-hour season 18 finale will air on Thursday, May 26.

Whos in the Greys Anatomy cast?

As season 17 approaches short, so was series lead Ellen Pompeo''s contract. It was unclear whether or not she would leave for another season as Meredith Grey, so showrunner Krista Vernoff said she had two versions of the season 17 finale to go depending on if Pompeo would not return and it required to be a series finale.

Pompeo agreed to return so that the crise was avoided and she has returned for season 18. However, her contract is only for one year; it is possible that the whole song and dance will happen once more.

Chandra Wilson and James Pickens Jr. are among the other original cast members who signed new contracts to reprise their roles. Jesse Williams, a long-time cast member, decided not to return for season 18 after 12 seasons on the show.

Kevin McKidd, Camilla Luddington, and Kim Raver have all been confirmed to start the new season.

We''ve also learned of new cast members joining Deadline. Peter Gallagher will play Dr. Alan Hamilton on a recurring basis. His character is Kate Burton''s Ellis Grey and Meredith''s mother; Burton will also play in several episodes in season 18.

Some previous cast members are set to perform for a multi-episode arc as well, with Deadline also reporting that Kate Walsh has signed on for season 18 to once again portray Addison Forbes Montgomery, while Abigail Spencer will play her character Megan Hunt.

Skylar Astin will play Todd Eames in the role of Jo Wilson, who is expected to play him on March 24.

How to watch Grey''''s Anatomy

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Was Grey''s Anatomy renewed for another season?

Don''t worry, the season has been renewed, extending its record as the longest-running medical drama on primetime television.

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