MultiVersus, a Warner Bros. company, feels like a fusion of Super Smash Bros. and IPlaw

MultiVersus, a Warner Bros. company, feels like a fusion of Super Smash Bros. and IPlaw

It''s difficult to comprehend if Warner Bros. MultiVersus, a Smash Bros.-like fighting game with different Warner-owned protagonists like Batman, and the yellow dog off of Adventure Time, and Shaggy, is more of a quick hustle ripbacking on misplaced metaverse hype, or a actually-quite-fun video game. Either way, we were shocked and upset by that latest trailer, so we''ve been playing a little of its closed beta in our spare time

I guess, multiverses are the best part of today? I just went to Everything Everywhere at once at the Weekend, which was fantastic! And then I just played Warner Bros'' MultiVersus, which is also a thing!

Loony Toons Metaweb 3.0 is what you mean by Chris Tapsell.

Martin: That''s the badger! It''s a fairly straightforward concept to understand, although I hope you don''t mind me being reductive. Warner Bros. is a Smash Bros. corporation with its enormous amount of IP. They didn''t accomplish this by not calling it Warner Smash Bros?

Chris Tapsell: They did, but the lawyers probably wouldn''t have liked that. ''lawyers,'' I feel the first thing I get from this game is certainly. Even if it comes to Smash or Marvel vs. Capcom, it is unlikely that it would work. But, here are a few things I like!

Martin: Yeah for sure, although it''s a lot more straightforward than I expected. Before I start saying nice things, it''s worth pointing out how impressive it''ll be. I think it was made for the Space Jam sequel, which included some fantastic sounds from A Clockwork Orange and a nun from Ken Russell''s The Devils. I''m somewhat optimistic about it, and I''m not sure why.

Chris: It''s apparent that the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Fortnite are all linked together, but the first point he made was to determine if the IP would be a crossover because evidently there will be a huge amount of money to be made from that. Also thank you for my permission to not watch the Space Jam sequel.

Martin: Oh, mate. So you don''t know what happens at the end? It goes places (don''t worry I haven''t watched it before) but I''ve just discovered the Wikipedia synopsis which is how I consume most media these days.

Chris: The Donlan School of Film Studies! I hope it ends with Tom off of Tom and Jerry scouring Batman off the court with a knife because that''s how most of my games have gone here.

Martin: Despite my racialness, it''s a pleasure seeing Superman fight against Scooby Doo''s Velma. What''s always differentiated Smash is the detail and love for the source material, and while MultiVersus''s components aren''t quite as polished, you can at least feel that zest beneath it all. It''s a daft thing and it''s enthused.

Chris: Yeah, there is something to do out there - all the extra stuff beyond Smash''s characters, including stage hazards and designs, which I know are divisive in the game, but these things all add a bit of depth. I guess the actual characters, however, are genuinely interesting here, because this game''s rather than free-for-alls. Taz is a whole playstyle built around the way Seasoned enemies are.

Martin: Who doesn''t love Taz? I returned to the Mega Drive Taz-Mania game recently, because that''s the sort of thing I like to do on my weekends, and he was one of my first picks too (after Superman, obviously). However, I discovered that the game does not appeal to Smash Bros. I cynically went into it, believing it would be a straight knock-off, but it does have some fantastic concepts, such as co-op and team play, buff

Chris: It completely changes how you think about it because suddenly you have to decide whether to prioritize the support and leave the ''dps'' one (usually Arya Stark and her strange pies) or simply clobber the dps. It''s also clever because this is probably a game that kids will want to play, and now parents can actually join in without having to admit that at certain points you will be beating up your child for the first time. Smash is arguably the biggest fan.

Martin: You''re now making me feel sorry for the number of times I obliterated my 8-year-old nephew when playing Smash Bros.-

Chris: Don''t feel sorry for this, but he must learn.

Haha! Yeah, it does really feel like MultiVersus'' special sauce, and the way it''s supported by several systems gives matches a real flavour of their own - I love it when an enemy character is teetering on the brink of a KO and you try to get caught up on them, or conversely being that person who''s about to get destroyed and playing a chase around the level while your partner support you.

Chris: Yep, that stuff is fantastic. I wish there were a bit more variety to the environments, but the latter is basically the core Smash Bros. stage with the ground and a couple side platforms, but it''s also quite forgiving in terms of falling off the sides? I wonder if that''s a play for the slightly younger audience, considering that it''s also quite difficult to learn how to not only walk off the edge and die. However, it does put a little more emphasis on building up damage on

Martin: Yeah, it''s quite worth pointing out that it''s a free-to-play game, and I''m not entirely sold on how it''s going to work. There are caveats in that the shop isn''t open and we don''t have full visibility on how it''ll all work, but after only a few hours play each we''ve not bothered the higher tiers of the battle pass unlocks, but the truth is that benefits which are used to enrich your characters will always

Chris: The battle pass does feel a bit miserly - after a couple hours of online play, I''ve never completed a single level, but I''m still hoping to get the game started. It doesn''t explain itself entirely in the metagame or the game itself, but it is also quite straightforward to get into it, and ultimately it is incredibly fun and straightforward to get started. I''m hooked on Tom and Jerry, who are like a mix of Ice Climbers and Solid Snake.

Martin: Yeah, that''s right, but I''m now looking forward to the open beta test in the near future so I can get some more depth. It does more than enough to distinguish itself from Smash Bros., and it does enough with the characters on offer to give it some surprising depth. I''m still wondering if the Droogs will be released as part of the first wave of new content.

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