Gearbox is in developing nine AAA games

Gearbox is in developing nine AAA games

Both Gearbox and Embracer keep growing

Thoughjust has been launched, it appears that even more is in the Gearbox pipeline. Gearbox has nine games that it calls AAA.

This is the latest issue in Embracer Groups'' financial report, which covers the fourth quarter and the entire year from April 2021 to March 2022. This is a fairly comprehensive report, covering a lot of companies due to the fact that Embracer is at this point.

According to a new study, the company intends to continue growing, with nine AAA games currently in development.

At this point, Gearbox is composed of several different studios. There is Gearbox Studio Quebec, Montreal, Cryptic Studios, and the recently acquired Lost Boys Interactive.

Gears are turning

Gearbox is making a series of games available at the moment, includingand. However, what these projects might be nebulous. AAA is a generic concept, which means it may honestly range all over the place. Gearbox has announced that a new game is on the way, which is a possibility.

It is not the only recent release in other Gearbox areas. It was developed not too long ago, and the excellent roguelike survival shooteralso released itsexpansion. With Lost Boys now under the umbrella, it appears like a lot is in the works for Gearbox.

Embracer has expanded its business, as well. Square Enix recently acquired several studios, bringing Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal, and Square Enix Montreal into the Embracer fold. According to the reports, it intends to utilize the properties obtained through the deal; Embracer is skeptical that the deal will last forever between July and September.

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