Despite ongoing player base problems, Babylons Fall updates are in development

Despite ongoing player base problems, Babylons Fall updates are in development

Struggling fantasy RPG will sally forth

In a new interview with Square Enix''s own publisher, developers Kenji Saito and Takahisa Sugiyama have admitted to feeling dismayed at the reception to their epic fantasy RPG, but are still committed to producing new content and in-game updates for the live service title.

Following a long development cycle, the Steam player base for the RPG was apparently downed rapidly due to poor critical reception and a busy month of top-tier game releases. In a standout, (and heavily publicized moment), the steam player base reportedly fell from a meager 1,000 players to just one single player in early May.

In a new interview, Saito and Sugiyama discussed their intention to continue building on the launch build, and have already made several tweaks and updates to improve visual, technical, and gameplay-based issues. As the year approaches, the duo will continue to roll out new weapons, quests, and challenges.

Many areas we haven''t done enough yet, and many things will be difficult to keep if we concentrate on our work, therefore I believe there is still plenty of room to stay up to expectations from players as we diligently continue to develop and improve the game, according to Sugiyama.

Our aim is to make as many emergency fixes and improvements as possible, along with all the new information we will be released in the future.

While many online titles that ventured out of the gate would perform impressive comebacks, the situation is unbelievably troubling. For a game that was conceived as a long-term live-service title, even Square Enixs other foray into live service, an equally incredible project that today is weakly on.

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