Gearbox is in the process of developing nine AAA games

Gearbox is in the process of developing nine AAA games

Both Gearbox and Embracer keep growing

Thoughjust has already begun, it appears to be even more in the Gearbox pipeline. Gearbox is currently developing nine games that it calls AAA.

This news is coming to Embracer Group''s latest financial report, which covers the fourth quarter and entire year from April 2021 to March 2022. It''s a fairly extensive report, which covers a lot of companies due to how massive Embracer is at this point.

According to a research in the Gearbox section, the company intends to continue to grow, with nine AAA games currently in development.

At this point, Gearbox itself is composed of several studios. There is Gearbox Software in Texas, but there are also Gearbox Studio Quebec, Montreal, Cryptic Studios, and Lost Boys Interactive, which has recently been acquired.

Gears are turning

Gearbox is currently working on a few games, includingand. However, what these projects might be nebulous. AAA is a general concept, so it might certainly range from anywhere. Gearbox has announced that a new one is on the way, so that is a possibility.

Not the only recent release in other Gearbox areas. rolled out not too long ago, and the excellent roguelike survival shooteralso released itsexpansion. With Lost Boys now under the umbrella, it looks like a lot is in the works for Gearbox.

Embracer in general has expanded, as well. Square Enix recently expanded, bringing Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal, and Square Enix Montreal into the Embracer fold. Embracer believes it will benefit not only from sequels, but also from remakes, remasters, spinoffs, and transmedia projects. It''s not yet done yet, but Embracer anticipates the deal to close sometime between July and September.

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