The Drakania class has been added to the Black Desert mobile

The Drakania class has been added to the Black Desert mobile

This week, Pearl Abyss has added a new class to its lineup of games, including the Drakania class, which has already been added to iOS and Android. Both the PC and console players have already had a chance to mess with this class for a long time, and now mobile players can take on the mantle and introduce an elemental advantage to fighting as a form of hybrid knight class. This week, the team has released a slew of new info, which is available here. Both the App

: Drakania Class

Drakania is a female descendant of the legendary dragon, who uses her Slayer sword and a Shard sub weapon to slice through enemies. The game will also introduce a series of Starting Events, which will enable players to level up their Drakania character faster and earn several seasonal rewards once they complete a set of missions.

Field of Valor: Hadum Battlefield

The PvE battlefield, Field of Valor: Hadum, has received significant updates. Here, adventurers will be able to quickly acquire ''Knowledge'' of monsters and use them to increase the combat power of their characters. According to the developer, adventurers can now increase their CP (Combat Power) in less time thanks to this method.

Heidel Ball Announcements

Pearl Abyss released a Content Roadmap for 2022, which will include future updates.

  • New ''''Party Rush'''' content, a 3-player co-op mode that will be added to the game.
  • "Battlefield of the Sun: Siege War". This 30v30 battle mode features a large-scale battle between Valencia and Calpheon regions. There will be plenty of rewards for the winners.
  • There will be a new region called Drieghan for adventurers to explore. Adventurers will be able to walk the streets of the dwarven capital, Duvencrune, face fiery dragons and battle a vengeful foe named Garmoth, The Crimson Dragon.
  • The Fairy and Tiny Fairy companion system will be introduced to the game. These companions will grant additional skills to the player character as they grow and level-up in the game.
  • Adventurers will receive a surprise gift from Chang-Wook, the Executive Producer ofcalled Blessing of W, a consumable enhancement material that will only be usable on Chaos Gear. This material increases enhancement success rate by 100% and guarantees a successful restoration in case of a failed enhancement. This gift will be available for players to claim through a coupon code.

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