Nuverse has announced a PC and mobile version of its Marvel image

Nuverse has announced a PC and mobile version of its Marvel image

The Nuverse and Second Dinner franchise has announced that it would be launching a new superhero card game for PC and mobile. As you prepare for a dream roster to compete against other people in online PvP meetings, the developers will not go into any sort of game history. It would be relatively straightforward to get rid of new cards. As you can see, the developers will not be going into any amount of complicated games. This year, the game will be free-to-play, but it will take a while, too.

Second Dinner, a new studio developed by Nuverse and in collaboration with Marvel Entertainment, offers innovative card game design to the public eye, allowing players to compete for the highest levels. The mind-playing effects of this innovative approach are in turn unreal.

At the start of the game, more than 150 unique cards will be added, each with varying abilities. Besides, with access to the entire Marvel multiverse, and a steady stream of new cards and art variants being added regularly, the permutations of any fan''s collection will be virtually limitless. Each match will feature three random locations with game-changing effects, making players feel free to play it once. And with over 50 locations in the game, players will never play the same game twice.

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