In the final moments of the show, fans of Derry Girls were stunned by a surprise comeo

In the final moments of the show, fans of Derry Girls were stunned by a surprise comeo

With fans everywhere thrilled by the finale, the episode has come to an end, especially when the last moments featured a very special version.

During the hour-long special episode, Season 3, commended the historic Good Friday Agreement, but no one was anticipating Chelsea Clinton to make an appearance!

Chelsea''s cameo made a comeback from season two, when the series made a reference to US President Bill Clinton in Northern Ireland, with Clare, Erin, Orla, Michelle, and James, who played the role in the Chelsea letter, but did not receive a response.

At the very end of, it was revealed that Chelsea did eventually receive the letter and read it aloud, saying: "Dear Chelsea, our names are Erin, Orla, Clare, Michelle, and James, and we come from a place called Derry."

#DerryGirls 18, 2022: No flipping way @ChelseaClinton got the letter!

Fans were shocked by Chelsea''s unexpected comeo, and loved how the series wrapped up well and kept surprising their fans until the final, with one saying that Lisa McGee "played an absolute blinder."

Now THAT''S how to complete a seriesThanks @LisaMMcGee & all the #DerryGirls and thanks @ChelseaClinton 18, 2022

I mean, what other show would feature Ardal OHanlon next to Chelsea Clinton and Liam Neeson alongside Bronagh Gallagher? As with the #DerryGirls stellar cast, it''s the stuff that dreams are made of, as was that Good Friday in 1998. @LisaMMcGee you played an absolute blinder May 18, 2022

Omg Chelsea Clinton @ChelseaClinton That''s all there is #DerryGirls 18, 2022

@LisaMMcGee, you are a genius. I''ll see you again and again.May 18, 2022

@ChelseaClinton was not shown on #DerryGirls how DID THEY PUT THAT OFFMay 18, 2022

Despite some reservations, all girls cast their vote, especially Erin who asked Granda Joe: "What if we vote yes and it doesn''t even work?" to which he simply replied, "And what if it does? What if no one else has to die?"

In favor of the Good Friday Agreement, a71.12% record-breaking attendance was reported in the referendum.

"It''s amazing, thanks to Lisa McGee''s incredible ability, and the wonderful cast and crew of Derry Girls, people around the world have been able to understand and relate to a hugely significant and significant period of history in Northern Ireland and for the rest of the world."

"Like many people, I am a major fan of the series, and I was so honored to have the opportunity to appear in the very special final episode. I hope that everyone will enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed being a part of it."

Through All4, you may see all of this on-demand.

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