The cast, plot, and everything about the new cop drama, Granite Harbour

The cast, plot, and everything about the new cop drama, Granite Harbour

On BBC1, there is a new polcie drama starring Romario Simpson as a former soldier and co-cop. Davis Lindo is also a role model.

In the northeast of Scotland, hes sent to train as a detective constable, who is followed by DCI Tara Bart Bartlett (star Hannah Donaldson). First, they must solve the murder of an oil industry bigwig.

In April 2022, we will film in Aberdeenshire and Glasgow, and here''s everything you need to know about the three-part drama series you can enjoy later this year...

Granite Harbour release date

The BBC Scotland channel will air on BBC1 and iPlayer later in 2022. Keep an eye on this page and ensure that there is a clear air date, plus if the series is released in the United States and internationally.

Granite Harbour plot

Davis Lindo''s death follows his final journey with the Royal Military Police, hoping to become a detective at New Scotland Yard. Instead, Davis'' dreams are scuppered, and he is then sent to Aberdeen, a world away from everything the soldier has ever encountered. Together, the unlikely duo must investigate the murder of one of Aberdeen''s most recognisable faces from the oil industry.

Romario Simpson, who plays Davis Lind in Granite Harbour, plays Davis Lind.

Davis Lindo''s lead Granite Harbour character is portrayed by Romario Simpson. He recently played Barnaby Mabunda in the BBC1 series Noughts and Crosses. He was also involved in the television series and played Lizard in the.

Hannah Donaldson as DCI Tara Bart Bartlett

Tara Bart Bartlett, DCI, has previously played Charly Hendricks in the Murder Island series, which challenged the public to solve an Ian Rankin murder mystery. She''s also played in Shetland, Deadwater Fell, the Demon Headmaster, and Annika.

Who else is starring Granite Harbour?

Dawn Steele will star and lead Liar actress at Granite Harbour, while Gary Lewis (Vigil) and Fiona Bell will play the cast.

Is there a trailer for Granite Harbour?

The BBC hasn''t yet released a trailer for the event, but when they do, please send it up to this page.

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