In just five days since the release of Evil Dead the game, sales have increased to over 500,000 people

In just five days since the release of Evil Dead the game, sales have increased to over 500,000 peop

Asymmetrical horror games are a form of a genre that has been dominated by one title, known as Dead By Daylight. That games immense player base across all of its platforms is also celebrating its sixth anniversary about a month ago, but that game has a lot of competition. Enter Evil Dead: The Game. A game that''s been selling quite quickly.

Evil Dead is an iconic horror film set in its own right, which, in fact, includes characters from Dead By Daylight (as Ash Williams is a playable character there, dressed in Starz television characters). Either way, the new Evil Dead video game was released last week, and you may watch it''s original launch trailer here.

The game has you choose between two roles: play as Ash Williams and company and survive, or control the Kandarian Demon and possess and kill everyone. However, instead of sitting around repairing generators for several minutes and getting chased every so often, Evil Dead has you actively fighting Deadites (or the heroes).

On Friday and Sunday, the game''s release will be available on GeForce NOW, but here''s how it works five days after its release? Well, it''s growing quite high sales numbers in short order, with about half the copies being sold through digital storefronts. A tweet was sent earlier this morning, implying that EmbracerInvestors was aware of its sales. It''s also available on Twitter.

$EMBRAC, a company based in Saber Interactive, has revealed Evil Dead: In the first five days after the release, the game sold more than 500.000 copies.

The game Evil Dead: The PC, #PS5, #PS4, #XboxSeriesX, #XboxOne, and #NintendoSwitch has been launched on Friday 13th May.

EmbracerInvestor (@EmbracerInvest) will be published on May 19, 2022.

Saber Interactives'' latest offering in gaming is expected to be completely out of control, and it will continue to grow on its own. So far, it has a robust player base. However, only time will tell if that comes to be the case or not. Evil Dead: The Game is now available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and Xbox One via the Epic Games Store and Nintendo Switch.

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