The Kardashians: The next episode, the trailer, the cast, and everything we know about the next series

The Kardashians: The next episode, the trailer, the cast, and everything we know about the next seri

Yes, if anyone was not convinced when the Kardashians announced they would be retiring from reality TV for good, it was for a very good reason.

After revealing us to watch every facet of their lives for 14 years, the decision to stop filming after a remarkable 20 seasons, was absolutely unique. Almost immediately, fan speculation was rife as to their next move. It was always certain that something would happen to many people. And those who remained suspicious were absolutely right.

Everything we know about the brand new show

When is the next the Kardashians episode?

Hulu''s first episode of season 1 has been announced on Thursday, April 14, but new episodes of season 1 continue to debut on each of the following Thursdays. The next episode of the series of will air on Hulu on Thursday, May 19.

A season-end tip will be shown below.

"Burn Them All to the F*cking Ground," says the camera. Everyone''s favorite family is experiencing their new normal, including motherhood, relationships, and career goals. A video from the past resurfaces and threatens to erase old wounds.

"Did Somebody Tape That?" "As Kim rehearses for her Saturday Night Live hosting debut, her past persists. Khloe deals with her ongoing fear and the scrutiny of being in the public eye. "In the meantime, things with Kourtney and Travis Barker are getting more serious," Amy Schumer says of Kim''s sex tape jokes.

"Live From New York" "In NYC, a strange gesture offers Kim closure on her SNL debut. Back in LA, Kris and Khloe learn some things that might put Travis'' surprise request to Kourtney at jeopardy." "Kinge does something quite kind."

"We''re Celebrating Sex," says Travis Barker and his whole Kardashian family about surpriseing Kourtney with a marriage proposal in Santa Barbara. Khloe and Kim discuss the next phases of their relationships, according to episode 4.

"Who is Kim K?" "While the whole family commemorates different milestones, one person is feeling left out. Scott must come to terms with his new role in the family dynamic. Kim is eagerly anticipating her final attempt at the bar exam," says Kendall Jenner.

"This is a Life or Death Situation," said Kim in episode 6: "Kim awaits her bar exam results as she fights to save the life of a man on death row. "Kourtney and Travis continue blending their families while Kendall is caught in the middle with Scott."

Where can I watch The Kardashians in the UK?

The new comedy Hulu in the United States is not currently available to watch in the United Kingdom. However, faithful UK viewers will be relieved to hear that the show is streaming on Disney Plus.

What''s the Kardashians new Hulu show about?

The Kardashians'' long-term title of the new show has been largely ignored, although let''s face it, however, the most prominent family in reality television had made a significant difference.

Thanks to the social media updates of several Kardashians, we already know about Kim''s high-profile divorce (some acrimonious developments have already been highly publicized), but there is a possibility that her revealing new relationship may be revealed.

Kourtney''s life-changing new romance has been created. And let''s not forget Khloe''s challenging relationship, as well as the inevitable announcement of joyful new arrivals. We''ve also heard signs that the relationship with the two youngest girls of the family will be more focused on something that they have previously maintained.

Although this business-centric family is still in charge of final editing rights, there appears to be a very deliberate effort to shift attention more towards the family''s business issues in tandem with the usual family and relationship dynamics. Perhaps, they have decided that they deserve recognition for more than simply being the first family of reality television, and are attempting to give a more rounded view of the family an evolution from the entertainment brand they started as to the today multi-faceted business empire.

Is it possible that the family had enough of a measured reaction to criticism? Is it possible that the family will let us wait to see it back?

Who are the Kardashians, and why are they so famous?

The Kardashians have forged their living and established their brand, as it was borne out of the notoriety of a murder trial in the 1990s (Robert Kardashian was O. J. Simpson''s attorney), and followed by the disclosure of Kim Kardashian''s sexual tape, this family is the ultimate example of how to transform lemons into lemonade.

There''s no need that can''t be made into an opportunity, according to the Kardashians, on the whole, nothing seems to be off-limits for public consumption, making them a firm viewers'' favorite. From romantic relationships to friendships, what we get from them is absolute authenticity, warts, and everything.

Kris Jenner, the great mother of two daughters from her marriage to Robert Kardashian (Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe Kardashian) and two from her marriage to Bruce (now Caitlyn) Jenner (Kendall, and Kylie Jenner) this family is truly a nature.

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Everything they do, and everything they do, seems to be well-positioned to stoke public debate. A well-known lifestyle, a plethora of high-profile relationships, numerous enormously successful businesses across a wide spectrum of industries, a long-running television program, among others. A matriarch who has even trademarked the word momager.

Is there a Kardashians trailer?

There is certainly a lot of overlap. When it comes to promotion, the Kardashians are nothing less than thorough.

Who is in The Kardashians cast?

Which lives can we expect to see this time around? The trailer has revealed a lot... it shows all of the main characters Khloe, Kim, Kourtney, Kris, Kendall, and Kylie are present and correct. We also know that Scott Disick is on the rise. It''s clear that her new relationship (with Travis Barker, a Blink-182) has brought with it a whole new sense of self-driving.

As ever, you have to pay them their due. We all know that there''s a huge amount of PR planning, but this family is amazing at delivering entertainment and escapism to viewers through a glimpse into their lives. We''re invited along for the highs of their lives, but we''re also there during their lowest levels. And for that, they should receive the credit that they so rightly deserve.

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