Servant coffins, servant locks, and what to do with yourthralls in V Rising servants

Servant coffins, servant locks, and what to do with yourthralls in V Rising servants

In PvP raids, your servants can help you battle nearby monsters, assist with boss battles, and protect your castle. If you feel like being a very cruel vampire, you may even receive a nearly endless supply of high-quality blood to boost your stats.

In V Rising, how do you get a servant coffin?

How do you get a servant coffin in V Rising?

The first servant coffin is added as part of the tutorial, before youre is tasked with using Dominate to bring a human NPC under your throne. This requires:

16 Planks 8 Copper Ingots 1 Greater Blood

  • 16 Planks
  • 8 Copper Ingots
  • 1 Greater Blood

The final component of Unsullied Hearts, which are a bit of a shamble to discover.

Build your coffin and follow the instructions to go out and Dominate your first human. Bring them back, stuff em in the coffin, and after a brief day, youll have your first employee.

How to Get the Most of Service from V Rising

How to get the most from servants in V Rising, a servant guide

Interact with the castles throne to offer commands to your servants. They can patrol areas to collect loot, which means you don''t have to do it yourself, and theyll fight any enemies they encounter. That includes bosses, so they''re useful to take along if you want to hunt down some V Blood.

When a servant patrols your castle, make sure to use Servant Lock doors. These prohibit servants from entering an area and make it easier to set a path you actually desire to travel.

Always make sure to make sure your employees provide the highest standard of defense in most PvP scenarios. If you are on a computer, you can ensure that your employees are well-equipped with advanced training.

In V Rising, how do you select the finest employees?

How to pick the best servants in V Rising

When you go out looking for new people, you''ll need to get a large net to look at the servant type and their blood quality. NPCs have a wide blood quality, which affects how their stats progress and what benefits you can get from them, and characters from different areas will have unique benefits suited to that area.

A NPC developed from Farbane woods may have a perk that allows them to harvest more materials from that region. Regardless of the perk, it is always better to go with a person with higher blood quality. Five percent, for example, isnt really worth the time and equipment, especially since you can simply Dominate some more individuals.

Servant types are similar to classes, such as bandits, thugs, defenders, and archers. Bandits excel in collecting resources, while archers excel in hunting, and so on. Before you choose to send your servant on a mission, make sure you get the most rewards.

The selection screen on the hunt shows what loot your servant will (probably) bring back, as well as how long it will take. When it comes to hunting length, keep an eye on your servants, since, as you expect, you can not do anything else with them until they return.

Although it is best to avoid longer hunting, because these are often more dangerous, putting your employees back on track.

Why should you deprive your personnel?

Why you should imprison your servants

Bring along a glass vial or two to drain their blood, then keep it alive indefinitely, depending on blood pressure and its level, and you may reduce some cooldown timers. This will drastically improve your health, but it will also improve your chances of success.

You may have up to nine servants per player in your clan, for an average of 36, and while it''s costly to kit them all out, the rewards are well worth your time.

Check out our salvage checklists for how to salvage cotton and where to find it. If you''re looking for extra assistance in V Rising, here''s the answer.

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