Thegenre's puzzle game collection CosmOS 9 is a gentle introduction to the genre

Thegenre's puzzle game collection CosmOS 9 is a gentle introduction to the genre

A new collection of indie puzzle games has been released today, aimed at providing a broad and welcoming introduction to many frightening subgenres. These are completed in the concept that they''re all pulled from a mysterious alien gaming console, and each set includes nine games that are usually meant to take 30-90 minutes. I''ve previously played a few and they seemed puzzle game staples, having me draw paths through blocks, and investigating how a mysterious computer interface was worked. See the meaning of the cosmic puzzling experience in the

The CosmOS 9 is a fictional console developed floating in space. It features nine games that can include a slew of typical puzzle challenges: Sokoban block-pushing, giving machines instructions to follow, and tinkering with the unexplained interface of a strange computer to determine what it even does, a puzzle-platformer, a simple city-builder.

"Puzzle games remain a relatively niche market, but it''s an alien experience for most players out there. This is a message to them," the makers. Each game is by a different person or team. The group claims the games "have been fine-tuned to provide inviting difficulty curves, friendly challenges, and constant thought-provoking surprises."

Linelith is perhaps the most popular game of drawing routes through irregular grids a certain number of times. The puzzles are stacked in a variety of angles, depending on whether you want them to be removed. It''s nice and gentle to twist out lines, but then move them slowly, revealing new ideas like Sokoban-y rock-pushing or using your rock critter as a puzzle piece.

Frequency Dissonance, a small game about a wee robot with simple orders to charge a pistol, was primarily about not doing what you''re told, of running around to discover new opportunities, and yet exploring new paths. I''m sure it''s fun to see someone discovering they may violate rules.

The CosmOS 9 bundle is available on Steam and Itch for 10.20. The games may be purchased individually, but the bundle also offers a 55% discount on the lot. See the CosmOS 9 website for more information.

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