In a New Ocean Film, Margot Robbie will star

In a New Ocean Film, Margot Robbie will star

Fans of the Ocean''s movies have a new entry to look forward to. was first released in 1960 and featured all five members of the Rat Pack, and the franchise returned in 2001. At least, it was well received, but didn''t get the box office acclaim that was achieved by 2018 standards, which meant it made just under $300 million. Since then, we haven''t heard anything about the series until today.

The first report is stating the film as a "prequel," but it''s unclear how far the connection to previous films will be made if there is a connection. Instead of the upcoming films which are set in the present day, this film will return to Europe, owing to that fact. Robbie is a female model, and she is Warner Bros.''s favorite girl, so it really isn''t a surprise that they brought her on. Roach is also the director of the film, which has

Robbie is expected to produce withTom Ackerlyat Lucky Chap. Roach is also expected to produce withMichelle Graham. Executive producers are Gary Ross, Olivia Milch, and Josey McNamara of Lucky Chap. The Village Roadshow is also involved in a producer capacity and may also co-finance. However, the project has been previously mentioned, and it is likely to happen in the spring of 2023. I''d say that with the Discovery merger, who knows.

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