A Fight for Justice Ignites Their Legacy Ignites in the Walker: Independence Trailer

A Fight for Justice Ignites Their Legacy Ignites in the Walker: Independence Trailer

Jared Padalecki was not going to let his co-star Jensen Ackles have all of the fun at the Upfronts today. Along with the official season trailer for the "Supernatural" spinoff series (check that out here), the series now has "Legacy," for which it follows Abby Walker (Katherine McNamara), a wealthy Bostonian who is murdered before her eyes while on their journey out to Independence, Texas. On her quest for revenge, Abby discovers diverse

Here''s a look at The CW''s official season trailer and presentation for the Thursdays this fall.

Abby Walker, an affluent and heartbroken Bostonian on her journey out to the West, follows Calian (Katherine McNamara, "911: Lone Star"), who she hopes to pursue while she travels abroad. After crossing paths with Calian, she discovers diverse and diverse people, chasing their dreams, and maintaining their own secrets, including Kate Carver (Katie Findlay, "The Carrie Diaries"), a knowledgeable Chinese immigrant who runs

Abby quickly encounters Hoyt Rawlins, a slippery rogue, thief, and con artist who quickly sees Abby as a mark, until she turns the tables on him. Both in seeking justice for her husband, Abby finds himself enviously connected, both seeking to uncover the truth about his identity, and vowing to preserve Independence as a frontier boomtown.

The CW''s is a film directed by Seamus Kevin Fahey from a story co-written by him and Anna Fricke of Pursued by a Bear. Both actors include Jared Padalecki, Dan Lin, and Lindsey Liberatore of Rideback, and Laura Terry of Pursued by a Bear. Larry Teng has served as executive producer and director on the pilot.

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