Review of the Pokemon GO Event: Water Festival Annual in 2022

Review of the Pokemon GO Event: Water Festival Annual in 2022

As part of the annual Water Festival event,players have encountered a flood of Water-type Pokemon in the wild. Was it worthwhile to attend or was it later downright weary?

What worked in this event

  • Bow Lapras: Long, long ago, dataminers discovered Lapras wearing a bow in the game''''s code. Many events came and passed but now, we finally got Lapras. Some trainers were mad that it wasn''''t in the wild, but I found Tier Three raids the proper move here. Lapras made Tier Three exciting once again, which usually only happens when a new Shiny is released as a raid exclusive like Druddigon or Galarian Weezing.
  • New species: The Alola rollout continued with Dewpider and its evolution Araquanid, which added some much-needed spice to the wild. While I did say I''''m not mad that Lapras wasn''''t in the wild, I do have gripes about the event''''s wild spawns. We''''ll get to that.
  • Classic event structure: Finally, I liked that this felt like a classic event with a wide focus that brought some new content to the game. An event with a new species drop, a new Costumed Pokemon, and a new Shiny release is my ideal. There was a problem with the Shiny release, though.

What didn''''t in this event

  • Prohibitive rarity: Binacle was the event''''s new Shiny. In the past, a newly unlocked Shiny-capable Pokemon was one ofmost common spawns of an event. Trainers of all paces were able to grind to hunt the new Shiny. Now, it seems as if these new Shiny-capable species are rarer of the event than out. For example, I see a good amount of Cottonee now, in contrast to its extreme rarity during it release event. Now, with Binacle, I was lucky if I saw one per day, and I play relatively hard. On the first day of the event, I saw of the uber-rare Hitmon top in between the two Binacle I saw that day. It was only a rainy day that brought forth a few more Binacle spawns. Other than that? It was as if it wasn''''t in the game.


Of all of Niantic''s current attempts, making Pokemon people want to hunt in an event that is prohibitively rare is by far the worst. I''m personally over the Incense announcement, but this change to events is one I hope will not be permanent, as it takes half of the excitement away. The Water Festival in 2022 was saved by Bow Lapras and Dewpider, but the rarity of Binacle was baffling and it''s a danger that Niantic should nip in

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