Thor Easily Wins With $143 Million at Weekend Box Office

Thor Easily Wins With $143 Million at Weekend Box Office

The weekend box office dominated as expected, bringing in $143 million. That is the best opening for a Thor film, the third-highest opening of the year in history, and the second best opening for an MCU film in the world. Worldwide, the openings for his films have increased every single outing, no doubt thanks to his appearances in the Avengers films and the hiring of Waititi as a director for the previous two.

Thor Takes Out The Minions And Maverick

The winner of last week''s match was $45.5 million, a drop of -57%. Minions has now made $210 million so far this week, putting it less than $3 million in the country. Fourth place saw a total of $11 million, totaling $8.4 million in the first quarter.

The Weekend Box Office''s Top 5 for July 8th

The two biggest openings from the new animated film and the drama will be announced next week, but look for Thor to remain number one, with the Minions right behind. In our summer movie preview, I said that Sony should have moved Crawdads to the way less crowded August, where it may have really cleaned up. If so, then we will see next week if that would have been the case.

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