With the first pre-releasebuild, Minecraft 1.19, The Wild Update are getting closer

With the first pre-releasebuild, Minecraft 1.19, The Wild Update are getting closer

The Caves And Cliffs update on Minecraft was so big it was split into two, but there were also other ideas that were further back. Yesterday, Mojang released the first 1.19 pre-release update, which featured some of its new creatures in a developer livestream.

The Wild Update will revolutionize Minecraft''s world with fresh biomes, Mangrove Swamp, and the Deep Dark, as well as new mobs to populate them. The Warden, a deep, antlered, inky, sad-faced behemoth from the Deep Dark, was both intended features of the Caves And Cliffs update, before being reduced to 1.19.

In yesterday''s livestream, you can see the process behind creating the Warden:

The Mangrove Swamp, a revamped swamp biome, gives an insight into other parts of the update. The frogs are considerably cuter than the Warden.

If you''re unfamiliar with Minecraft''s update process, Mojang release "snapshot" updates on Wednesdays for the Java Edition in order to highlight new features, then shift to "pre-release" updates that consolidate those snapshots, and focus on bug fixes. The pre-releases don''t include a lot of new content, but the shift towards polishing and bugfixing is a significant step towards any subsequent release.

On the Minecraft site, you can read more about the v1.19 pre-release version. It mostly includes bug fixes, but there are also some intriguing balance changes, including increasing the number of Endermen and other creatures that spawn in the Nether.

Note that snapshots and pre-releases are only available for Minecraft: Java Edition. Note that if you want to explore the new biomes without waiting for the complete release, you''ll need to enable snapshots within the "Installations" tab of the Minecraft launcher.

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